Diving in China - dive sites, photos

Diving in China

Diving in China

In addition to skiing and classic beach holiday Celestial offers even diving. Diving in China, what is it? Let's look at some of the popular places with divers.

Hainan Island

Almost 90% of all dives are held in hisarea. Beautiful tropical underwater world of the sea is hidden in the crystal clear waters. Here you will find large coral gardens, amazing marine life and underwater caves and grottos.

The best season for diving traditionallyIt is the period from April to September. For this period is characterized by the complete absence of strong winds. Water it is absolutely quiet, and because visibility is 20 meters. The most beautiful dive sites of the island are located on the eastern side. Here you can fully appreciate the beauty of the South China Sea. Bright coral thickets, myriad tropical fish, reef sharks - in short, everything you need for an exciting underwater walk.

Lake Qiandaohu

One of the most beautiful dive sites in China. This artificial lake was created in the last century. The water is amazingly clear and allows you to admire the beauty of the underwater to a depth of 20 meters.

Of particular interest is the flooded city,whose age has almost 1300 years. Prior to the flooding, it was just a local attraction. But after the city fell to the bottom of the lake, it was just a new local legend. Due to the fact that the water here is very clean, the city buildings are kept clean from the usual underwater vegetation. Nowhere is there any slime or algae to create a full sense of what the city continues its normal life. When diving is permitted to inspect the buildings, shoot underwater city on video and photographed against the backdrop of its buildings.

Sid Island

Local water area is just perfect for diving. There really is not a lot of great currents and coral gardens.

Coral reserve

Not far from the Chinese city of SanyaCoral is a unique nature reserve. Local gardens total approximately 600 different species of underwater creatures. Immersion Program, which offers a local dive centers, are quite diverse. If desired, you can pass a primary course, to be able to appreciate the beauty of the coral. And if you are already a pro, it offers an amazing night dives, underwater walks to the numerous rivers. Here, just a huge number of sunken warships and aircraft. You can tickle their nerves visit underwater caves and caverns, if desired.


  • Diving in China
  • Diving in China
  • Diving in China

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