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Education in China

Education in China

Today is very popular for education abroad, and many Russian students opt for higher education institutions in China. Getting an education in China has a number of advantages:

  • High quality education;
  • Gay Russians;
  • Enough low cost of training compared to other countries (for state programs can study free of charge);
  • Despite the fact that the main language of instruction is Chinese, some educational programs aimed at obtaining a master's degree and Ph.D., conducted in English;
  • If all Chinese universities opened centers for language training for foreign students;
  • There is the opportunity to participate in the government program for exchange students (under the agreement between China and Russia), then qualify for the free passage of the internship;
  • Chinese generally recognized diplomas.


Before you enroll in a Chinese university, it is advisable to start the development of the Chinese language in special courses, which are open on the basis of language schools and state universities.

You can use long-term, if desiredlanguage programs for 1 year or more. In the language course students learn basic Chinese language, reading and spelling, oral Chinese language, listening, reading periodical press ... In addition, the language courses provided by the study of a few extra items (the Chinese culture, history, economy).

Admission to the Chinese university

To enter the Chinese university will need to pass HSK-test designed for non-native speakers.

Documents required for admission:

  • Application for admission;
  • High school diploma;
  • Extract from the record-book (must provide those who have a university degree obtained in the Russian university);
  • Recommendations teachers;
  • Filled volume profile (it give the Ministry of Education of China);
  • A medical certificate;
  • A copy of the receipt confirming payment of the registration fee (US $ 50-70).

traffic control

In Chinese universities organized a strict policyAttendance - students are required to attend all classes. They are not allowed to be late or miss classes without good reason (to be late for 15 minutes - then skip the lesson).

Important: in case of absence of up to 30% of the course without good reason, the student may not be allowed to take the exam.

Get your hands on a Chinese diploma, be sure that you are guaranteed to find a job!

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