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China Features

China Features

If you are going to go to China, you need as much as possibleto learn more about this country. After all, despite the fact that most of the tourists have fragmentary knowledge of it, some of the national characteristics of China remains a mystery.


Chinese - the people are very friendly. They just love to talk, so it is not surprising strong attention to his person.

Chinese greet each other with a nod, andhere's appeal to "you" are not accepted, except for the elderly. At the same time attach great importance to courtesy and punctuality. Very much like the Chinese are invited to visit, but to come to him to be present, especially if the owners have young children.


The basis of all Chinese dishes - it is rice. The most common dish is very spicy, is also popular among the Chinese pork. As in many eastern countries, Cutlery in China are the sticks. Traditional Chinese dishes: chicken gunpao; Peking duck; Funchoza; soups with noodles.

Interesting features

  • China has not accepted to release people from public transport, before going into it, so consistently produced a stampede. Queues in this country, too, there is - who has time, he is the first.
  • There are many poor and, therefore, the rich, butthere is some sort of territorial division between them. They all exist peacefully next to each other and can often be seen among ordinary skyscraper luxury lodges.
  • In China, a huge number of plants and factories. They filled almost all the space, leaving almost nothing nature. Every owner of such a venture - a millionaire, while thousands of employees work for little pay.
  • Chinese Restaurants are never closed, andeven at night you can see a few dozen visitors. This is due not only to the number of population, but also the fact that for the Chinese food as a hobby. Full of all institutions, and at every step more and diverse local fast food, ignore it is simply impossible.
  • A lot of cyclists in China andmotorcyclists, much more than motorists. This greatly complicates the movement. Foreigners do not understand what rules go the Chinese, and how they get safely to respond to rudeness and overtaking. Also not accepted to ride fast, so probably there are few accidents. But it is taken constantly readjust. Chinese roads are paid and divided into two types: regular and low cost. The only thing that can be said - in this case it is better not to save.


  • China Features
  • China Features
  • China Features

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