Prices in China - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to China

Prices in China

Prices in China

In general, prices in China is lower than in Russia: the most expensive cities are Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, east coastal areas, and relatively inexpensive - the western and south-western regions of China.
In many large shopping centers, restaurants, international hotels you can pay by bank cards.
Important: paying for goods and services by credit card, you will remove the special fee (1-2% of the cost). In addition, the goods paid by credit card, do not apply special offers and discounts.

Shopping and souvenirs

If your goal - to make purchases at a reasonable price, then shopping in China is to go on a shopping street in Beijing Yabaolu or Central Street in Harbin.

What to bring from China?

- Jewelry, figurines, porcelain ware (plates, cups, small vases, jugs), wall-mounted fan ethnic clothing (dresses and painted Chinese silk shirt);
- Appliances and electronics;
- Chinese tea, vodka "jeou yao" (she has a medical effect).
Vodka is better to buy in specialista store or a supermarket (the cost of a bottle of 0.5 liter capacity is about $ 5), and from natural silk things better to buy a factory in Beijing, or "Silk Market" (robe of silk will cost you $ 100).
Small souvenir from porcelain will cost you about $ 2, Chinese tea - 23 $ / 50 grams, and a gift set with chinese tea - $ 120.
For products made of pearls it is advisable to goin Beijing pearl market. Buy pearls can be in the stores, but it is important to check it for authenticity: rub two pearls together. If they are true, then you will hear a sound like the gnashing of teeth (the price depends on quality of the pearls of their size: on average they cost $ 90-200).


If you go on a cruise on the Huangpu River, you will be able to overlook Shanghai, traveling by boat (you can admire the views opening onto Quay and Donkey, entering and exiting the harbor).
The cost of a 4-hour cruise - from $ 15.
While vacationing on the island of Hainan, be sure to go on an excursion to Monkey Island, which can be reached by cable car or on a boat.
This island is a nature reserve, which is inhabited by macaques Guangxi (here you can enjoy the variety of flora and fauna).
The approximate cost of the tour - 36 $ (18 $ - child ticket) within the group tour (6 people) and $ 48 ($ 24 - children's ticket) within the framework of individual tours (from 2 persons).


The whole family should go to the water park in Beijing "Water Cube": here you will have to wait for the wave pools, spa-pool, 13 slides of all kinds ...
Entertainment Approximate cost - $ 32 per adult and $ 25 - for the child.


To move on the Chinese city by bus (the fare within the city limits - $ 0.5-1) subway ($ 0,30-0,85), taxi ($ 0.15 - for landing and $ 0.35 - for per kilometer).
To get from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, for example, a high-speed train, you have to pay $ 10, and to Shanghai - 60 $.
If you stay in one of the major Chinesecities will eat in cheap cafes, live in a cheap hotel, travel on public transport, you will need at least $ 30 per day for 1 person.


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