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Rent a Car in China

Rent a Car in China

In order to travel to China in plenty,You can rent a car. To do this, you first of all need the international driver's license. However, you are entitled to receive temporary and Chinese law. The term of their validity will be 3 months. However, for this you will need to attend a few classes for the Study of the SDA in China.

Besides Chinese temporary or international rights you will need to:

  • to pay a deposit;
  • get insurance.

Rent a car in China may cause you some difficulties related to the fact that all traffic signs and street signs in most cases are written only in Chinese.

Petrol in China is $ 0.5. Rent a car in China will cost you $ 15 per hour or $ 80 per day. For frequent daily trips better to hire a car with driver. It will cost $ 100 per day.

SDA in China

On the highways in China canmoving, accelerating to 120 km / h, and on conventional tracks - up to 100 km / h. In urban areas, on roads where there is a continuous two yellow stripes, a limit speed to 70 km / h, with one-way traffic - up to 50 km / h.

Unfortunately, the Chinese do not always tend to follow the rulestraffic. In addition, many roads there are no surveillance cameras that condones such behavior. But if you will be taken to the chamber, disrupting traffic, the fine for you can make up to $ 300, or 2,000 yuan. So move around the country carefully and sightseeing.

China Attractions

China has a reputation of one of the greatest cradlecivilizations in world history. That's why I seek here travelers from around the world. It has everything: ancient temples, monasteries and unique natural attractions, ancient burial places, architectural and historical sites, archaeological sites, very popular resorts. Bright rhythmic life of large cities are concentrated in Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

  • Beijing is famous for the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. It is interesting to see the National Museum of China, the Summer Imperial Palace, the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, the Temple of Heaven and the Temple of the Sun.
  • Be sure to visit the Great Wall, which is located 75 km north-west of Beijing, Badaling.
  • Hong Kong Victoria Peak interesting tour, and the famous "Symphony of Lights".
  • In Guangzhou, there are numerous zoos and sanctuaries, the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, and other interesting museums.
  • Shanghai is famous for the Basilica of the Virgin Mary, the Bund, the TV tower "Oriental Pearl".
  • Many people want to get into Tibet, where so many ancient monasteries and wonderful temple architecture.


  • Rent a Car in China

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