Holidays in China in July: prices and weather. Where to rest in China in July

Holidays in China in July

Holidays in China in July

The journey to this distant and unknown countrysubject to certain difficulties, such as long flights, climate change, some of their own fears, and the financial aspect plays an important role. However, the tourist, who decided to stay in China in July, will receive the highest level of service, incredible adventure and breathtaking experience, especially if you travel in the program will include a visit to the Great Wall of China.

China Climate

Since China is a huge territory,climate in the north and south can be radically different, the weather conditions will be completely different in the west and Tibet in the east and center.

In the northern and northeastern parts of China in JulyIt is extremely hot and dry weather. Central China is not very suitable for a holiday in July, because in hot weather there is high humidity. South-east coast may cover the July typhoons and completely ruin a vacation. Humidity is also quite high.

Hainan - therapeutic recreation

Heavenly place, located in the South ChinaSea, has long been known as the island where the exiled nobles. Now, each of the Chinese officials wants to at least a few days of rest in this "link", which is also called the "Oriental Hawaii".

Nature in Hainan in the best traditions of the holiday: the azure of the sea waves, impinging on the soft white sand, emerald bent palm branches.

There is also its own characteristics, the mainpeoples of the island specifically for tourists rituals are performed (if desired, this can be a wedding ceremony or a funeral). A second notable feature of the island - exotic fruits can be absolutely easy to try, with horror remembering how much they cost at home. The main secret of Hainan - medical sources at a sufficiently high temperature.

Chinese holiday heaven

This is a very important day for each Chineseresident does not have the exact date falls on the sixth month of the lunar calendar and the sixth of his day. The most common - is July, while visitors to the country this month, and the so-called Middle Kingdom, are lucky to see the scale of the celebrations in honor of the God of Heaven.

Many families have a tradition to gather forritual dinner, special dumplings, meat on the table. There is a burning incense, fumigation of houses, things, people, the air is filled with mysterious aromas.

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  • Holidays in China in July
  • Holidays in China in July

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