Holidays in China in September: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in China in September

Holidays in China in September

Holidays in China in September

Weather conditions in China are significantly different, since they depend on the states of the region.

Weather in China in September

The coldest weather is established in the districtLhasa (Tibet). During the day the air warms up to 19 degrees. Tourists should be prepared for a significant diurnal temperature fluctuations. Moderate average temperatures are set in the eastern regions: Shanghai + 27C, in Lanzhou + 25C, in Harbin + 20C. Night temperature may be + 14 ... + 20C, because it depends on the region. The southern regions of China are the most hot, but September rains often. For example, 17 can be Sanyo rainy days. However, the daytime temperature is + 27 ... + 30C.

When planning a vacation in China in September, it is necessaryto prepare for the fact that the weather is different moisture content virtually anywhere. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in Hong Kong (290 millimeters) and in Shanghai (150 millimeters). The least precipitation in the central areas, in Lanzhou, on the Tibetan Plateau.

Weather conditions allow you to enjoy the journey, as visitors can see the famous sights and visit the interesting events.

Festivals and events in China in September

Holidays in China in September - this is a unique opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural and leisure activities.

  • In September, traditionally held ShaolinMartial Arts Festival, which is held since 1991. Fans of combat skills can get bright emotions, because they have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular activities involving professional athletes and fighters. The festival makes it possible not only to see the fights, but also to exchange ideas, new sports techniques. Among the interesting activities it should be noted a boat trip on the Yellow River.
  • In Sichuan taken hold festivalpanda, which is dedicated to the New Year according to the lunar calendar. Festival is held in reserve Chengdu, where the pandas live. People can watch the bears, but if you want - to play with them.
  • In the city of Qufu on September 28 is celebrated Birthday of Confucius.

Travel in China may please an interesting pastime and rich cultural activities, but only if you draw up a detailed plan and take into account the characteristics of the weather in September.

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  • Holidays in China in September
  • Holidays in China in September

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