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China River

China River

In China, a huge number of rivers. China's rivers can be large or small, calm and quite stormy, short and long. In short, they are as different as China itself.


China's largest river, a total length of 6300kilometers, inferior in this index only the Amazon and the Nile. It originates in the mountains Geladandun and makes its way through eleven provinces. river landscape is constantly changing, for which the locals call it "the river of contrasts."

Yangtze is navigable almost throughout the length andIt is the most convenient waterway of the country. In addition, it is conventionally divides China into two parts, north and south. On the banks of the river are the largest cities of the country: Nanjing; Wuhan; Chongqing; Shanghai.


Pearl (yet it is called the Pearl River)It passes through the territory of eight provinces. This unusual name gave the river located on her island. The water is so carefully polished its shores, they have become remarkably smooth and reminiscent of the surface of these gems.

Pearl River enjoys a special guest countryinterest. It is extremely beautiful at night, when many bridges that connect its shores, the backlight comes on. Riverbanks surprise a lot of attractions located here.

Yellow River

It is the second largest river of the country (5464kilometers), originating source on the Tibetan Plateau. Translates the Yellow River as the "Yellow River" because of the special color of its waters. During the summer, its waters huge amount of silt. During this period, especially the river abounding and often overflows its banks.


Liao - largest river north-east China. The earliest mention of it date back to 475-221 years. BC. The river has two sources at once. One is located in the east, the other - in the west.


Heilongjiang runs along the border of the territory of Russiaand China. And if the Chinese called this river Heilongjiang, for us it is - our own Cupid. The river bends the territory of China in the east and flows into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The total length of Heilongjiang - 4370 kilometers, and it is the eleventh-longest river of all the planets.

The channel runs at a surprisingly Heilongjiangscenic. If you look at it from a bird's eye, it is surprisingly reminiscent of the black dragon. What, in fact, reflected in its title.


Hangang (Han Shui, or River) - one of the powerful Yangtze tributaries, stretching 1532 kilometers. As historians believe, that it gave its name to the Kingdom of Han and one of the royal dynasties - also Han.


  • China River
  • China River
  • China River

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