South China - cities and resorts of South China

South China

South China

Going to the south of China, each camper will be able to:
- Explore the ancient civilization;
- Relax on the beaches and to improve their health;
- Trips with the Monkey Island and Snake nursery.

Cities and resorts in the south of China

Guangzhou cognitive please tourists who will be able to see the Zhenhai Tower, the statue of five goats, walk through the Botanical Gardens and the Park of orchids.
Lovers of entertainment should visit the Parkculture (here acrobats show enchanting performances and extreme show) or Night Zoo (at night the animals take part in circus shows, and in the afternoon - rest), in the night or day cruise on the Pearl River.
Those who went to Guangzhou with children canvisit the Aquarium of the Pacific Ocean World Park and Chimelong Paradise attractions (besides riding on a roller coaster or Ferris wheel, where you can see performances by street performers, visit the cinema, go to the lake on a boat ride).
Shenzhen welcomes its guests with the magnificent natural parks and skyscrapers.
If your goal - shopping, shopping malls, shops and markets of Shenzhen you'll be able to acquire electronics, textiles, dried seafood (you can buy them on the street Seafood).
In Shenzhen to visit a theme park"Windows of the World" - here you can enjoy a reduced copies of Egyptian pyramids, Roman Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, and at night enjoy the light show. You may want to visit such a park - "Splendid China", where you can see the Chinese landmarks in miniature (the Terracotta Warriors, the Great Wall of China).
Eco-tourists will be able to see the most beautiful orchids, huge pumpkins, trained parrots, colorful butterflies visiting OCT East Echo Park.
If a desire to admire the paintings, written by talented artists or purchase these pictures at an attractive price, you can go to "Artist's Village" (Dafen).

Islands of South China

Hainan - an island famous for its sandy beaches,mineral and radon springs, ethnographic villages, rich underwater world: it is accessible beach, Wellness (in local clinics serves undergo therapeutic and spa-treatments), active (diving, rafting, golfing, various safaris) vacation.
For active travelers here organizes climbing the volcano Ma Anh (standing on the observation deck, you can look inside the crater).
As for the beach lovers, theyplease the presence of sandy and shallow beaches. So, you can relax in the Yalong bay: at your disposal - a calm sea, wide white sand beaches, the largest dive centers. But surfers should head for the bay Dudunkay.
In the South China travelers will be able to conquer the mountaintop, enjoy the modern skyscrapers, palm groves, relict forests, bask on the beaches, to get acquainted with exotic oriental traditions ...

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