Vacations in Macau - a photo. Summer holidays in Macau (China) 2015

Vacations in Macau

Vacations in Macau

Vacations in Macau - a skyscraper, amazingimagination, gourmet restaurants, luxury hotels, branded boutiques that delight its visitors with attractive prices (they are lower than in Hong Kong) and many casinos.

The main types of holiday in Macau

  • Sightseeing: on the tour you will be offered a walk on the Senado Square, explore the fort Gaia, the temple of the goddess A-Ma, the Holy House of Mercy temple Kunjam, the Church of St. Dominic, the ruins of St Paul's Church, the fortress Fortaleza do Monte, theater Don Pedro, visit the Garden Lou Lim Lok, wine Museum, and Museum of Formula 1. Since virtually any tour includes visits to Macau casinos, then if you wish you can try your luck at the casino or the Venetian Macau Lisboa Casino.
  • Active: Anyone can make the leap from TV Tower Macau, go dog racing, tennis and badminton courts on numerous, look at the laser show "Dragon Treasure" in theater "Firmament".
  • Beach: couples with children should rest on Coloane beaches - children will be interesting to play in the equipped for these platforms, visit the zoo and an aviary with birds, while adults can enjoy a game of tennis or golf, go horse riding (nearby is stable), as well as cook -nibud in zone barbecue. On the beach Hak Sa can go jet skiing or sailing, and beach Cheok Van - a swim in the large outdoor swimming pool and a Nautical Club (here it is possible to hire equipment for windsurfing and canoeing).
  • Treatment: medical centers in Macau, you can receive medical treatment by traditional Chinese medicine - here use acupuncture, acupressure and massage with magnetic sticks, herbal medicine, anti-aging and anti-stress techniques.

Prices for tours to Macau

The best time to travel to Macau consideredOctober December. During this period, prices for tours markedly increased (1.5 times), since this period is characterized by warm weather (virtually no rainfall). To save money, you can come to Macau in January-March (rather cool weather) or May-September (+ very hot showers and typhoons are possible).

On a note!

If you plan on visiting a casino, men shouldput in a suitcase rigorous lightweight suit, and women - dress of medium length. Please be aware that the casino can not carry photo, video and sound recording equipment. In public places and on the street should not smoke - a violation of the ban will entail the payment of a decent penalty.

Values ​​and documents useful to store in the hotel safe. In addition, do not show the well-being and in the evening for a walk alone in remote areas of the city.

In memory of the holiday in Macau can bring tea,electronics, jewelry, clothing known brands, antiques (for export of jewelery and antiques need to issue special documents, so it is advisable to purchase their licensed stores).

Photos holiday in Macau

  • Vacations in Macau
  • Vacations in Macau
  • Vacations in Macau

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