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Tours in Macau

Tours in Macau

A piece of this western Europe to China - isautonomous territory of Macau. The oldest colony of the Old World in Asia occurred in 1513, when Portuguese explorers first landed at the mouth of the Pearl River. Since then, the Portuguese here is the second official language, and the participants tours in Macau can watch the typical signs of the Chinese and the modern skyscrapers of the ruins of the Catholic cathedral and the present European secular architecture.

History and geography

Once Macau Peninsula was an island untilXVII century, it is not connected to the mainland. For four hundred years they ruled the Portuguese, and when returning to Macau, China managed to get a special status, according to which the only for diplomatic relations and the defense of the Chinese government is now responsible. The rest of the residents of Macau are doing themselves, including forming an economic and customs policies.
UNESCO supports and protects manyhistorical and cultural objects that can become a cause buying rounds in Macau. The World Heritage List - nearly thirty of old buildings and eight urban areas.

Briefly about the importance

  • Getting to Macau can be by sea or by plane. From Hong Kong and Guangzhou come here regularly maritime hydrofoils, and the local airport receives flights from dozens of Chinese cities and other countries. Bus service with mainland China involves passing the checkpoint at the entrances to the city of Zhuhai.
  • Going on tour in Macau, travelersIt is in an area where sub-equatorial climate is bordered by the subtropics. In the midst of winter, there are no colder than 14, and the air is warm in the summer to +35. The most rainy days occur in April and the season continues until September rains.
  • More than 70 percent of the economy of Macau revenuegets from gambling. It is open 33 casinos, each of which in Macao tour participants can pull the tail of luck, or just relax in a restaurant or nightclub.
  • A visa for Russian citizens is needed, and its designYou can go right on the border. It is inexpensive, but the border officer may be asked to show proof of financial solvency of the applicant. Typically, the amount of USD 2,000 enough.
  • Shopping for the participants of the tour in Macau seem more profitable than in Hong Kong, with the range of shops in no way yield to Mall of Asia's financial capital.


  • Tours in Macau
  • Tours in Macau

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