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Treatment in China

Treatment in China

It was in ancient China was the world's firstquite clearly formulated the concept of health, which included the definition of the concepts of health, disease and treatment. Conclusions that any disease caused by a set of reasons, allowed the Chinese to achieve some success in prevention and disease prevention because the system is the basis of Chinese medicine. The inextricable link of historical traditions and modern achievements - this is the secret of success and popularity of the Celestial doctors treat China the inhabitants of many countries.

important rules

Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China - isexecutive state agency whose mission is total control over the accessibility and quality of health services for the country's citizens and foreign tourists. In other words, the treatment in China is carried out under the constant supervision of the state, and because even the institution of traditional folk medicine are subject to a specialized structure under the auspices of the Ministry of Health. Among other duties of officials - monitoring the quality of medical education and compliance with the established standards in the technical equipment of hospitals.

How to help here?

Health and medical tours to China in the pastyears increasingly become and Russian citizens. The relatively inexpensive cost of medical services, responsible attitude of the medical and nursing staff, modern diagnostic and treatment methods, skillfully combines the principles of traditional medicine - that make up the success of any treatment program in China.

Mediation services for those wishing to spenddiagnosis or to start the procedure, the China expert professionals have many travel companies. There is even the possibility of correspondence consultation in order to identify the real indications for treatment in China.

Methods and Achievements

The main method of treatment in China were formed long before the introduction of modern scientific research, but it combines with them:

  • Traditional massage - is a set of styles, where each procedure is aimed at strengthening and cleansing the body.
  • Reflexology is an acupuncture or moxibustion specific hotspots.
  • Vacuum therapy normalizes blood flow and stimulates the removal of toxins.
  • Oriental gymnastics restore bioenergetic potential of the organism.

Price issue

The cost of treatment and diagnostic proceduresChinese hospitals significantly lower than in the US or European hospitals. For example, surgery to remove the intervertebral hernia will cost $ 5000, strabismus correction surgery will cost $ 1,500, and the whole body CT scan - only $ 200.


  • Treatment in China
  • Treatment in China
  • Treatment in China

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