The capital of the Congo: map, photo. What is the capital of the Congo?

Brazzaville - the capital of the Congo

Brazzaville - the capital of the Congo

Congo capital, Brazzaville, was onceonly a small settlement called Ntamo. Status of the city, he was only in the 1880s. The founder of a French explorer Savorgnan de Brazza and gave the future capital of their name.

Modern Brazzaville - boomingthe city having a typical "European" face, but lives by the rules of Africa. Respectable central part smoothly flows into the living quarters. The outskirts of the city traditionally occupied by huge slums.

Where should go?

Brazzaville - a very beautiful city, where many world famous attractions.

  • Be sure to inspect the Church of St. Anne. It is situated in the neighborhood Poto-Poto, the oldest town of the entire city. In 1936 it was decided about its construction and design of the project engaged Roger Erell. Fully building was completed in 1943.
  • Next attraction of the capital -municipal gardens that adorn not only its territory, but also the surrounding area. The area where the city is located, refers to a "successful" climate zone. So, here you can see representatives of conifers, bamboo, acacia and palm trees. That they "give" the city remarkably clean and fresh air.
  • Will appeal to you and the National Theatre, on stagewhich are the weekly next premier. In the city in his own mausoleum rests its founder - Pierre Savorgnan de Breze. It attracts the attention of tourists and Crafts Museum.
  • In the capital, there are cultural attractions of the plan. In particular, the University of Marianne-Ngouabi, the building of the National Museum.
  • Brazzaville perfectly developed in terms of educationsphere. Therefore, if you are interested in this area, you can visit various educational institutions of the city. National Institute, located in the capital city, is perhaps the main attraction of the whole country.
  • Take a walk around the capital, justit is impossible not to draw attention to Nabemba Tower. It is the tallest building in the whole city. The project is owned by the French architect Jean Marie Legrand, who was engaged in its construction from 1982 to 1986. Its name is borrowed from the mountain height is also the highest in the entire country. The tower is completely given over to offices of various companies.
  • Numerous tourists visiting the city, as ifmagnet for the urban market. Here, in a relatively small area, you can find the most beautiful products that exist only in Brazzaville. This garment, sewn manually, the work of local craftsmen, fruit, spices, herbs and a variety of souvenirs that will always remind you to visit this extraordinary city.


  • Brazzaville - the capital of the Congo
  • Brazzaville - the capital of the Congo
  • Brazzaville - the capital of the Congo

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