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Traditional cuisine of the Congo

Traditional cuisine of the Congo

Meals in the Congo is characterized by the fact that the local cuisine is a great variety, exotic and unusual flavors.

Food in Congo

In the Congo, the national cuisine was influenced by British, French and Italian culinary traditions.

Local residents use for cookingcorn, freshwater fish, camel meat, root vegetables, poultry, milk, rice, ostrich, crocodile, turtle eggs, and termites, as well as inwards and the tail of a crocodile. Also, the diet of Africans includes spices (cloves, saffron, cumin, pepper, ginger, nutmeg), yams, cassava, fruits (papaya, bananas, oranges, pineapple), nuts, soups.

Cassava - one of the main foodthe inhabitants of the Congo: they dig tuberous roots of cassava, dried it in the sun and soaked before use, so as not to poison (hydrocyanic acid contained in the tubers).

Those who are not afraid of culinary experiments can try Muamba - sauce made from the nut of the African oil palm and chikvangu - a dish that is made from cassava.

In the Congo, it is worth trying a fish casserole; fish stew with lemon; dishes of lamb with figs; dish of pigeon and camel meat.

A sweet tooth in the Congo will be able to eat pudding yuuma, which is based on bananas, cassava flour, peanuts, various spices and palm oil.

Where to eat in the Congo? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants, which serves both African and Western dishes;
  • cafes and street stalls with fast food.

Drinks in the Congo

Africans are popular drinks tea (it is consumed with milk and sugar), weak coffee, milk, juice of baobab fruit, fruit juices, beer.

Gastronomic tour in Congo

Arriving at Brazzaville - financial andthe administrative capital of the Congo, you can visit the many restaurants, offering their visitors enjoy national dishes (many of them work on "buffet" system).

If desired, can arrange a trip for youMangenbenge village, where you will be able to meet with local leaders, attend the picnic, sitting on the banks of the Congo, as well as a ride on a boat to visit the neighboring village of fishermen and to get acquainted with the local cuisine.

Recently, Congo - popular country amongtourists they attract architectural masterpieces, diverse flora and fauna, magnificent waterfalls, national parks, as well as exotic and original dishes.

Photos of the Congo national dishes

  • Traditional cuisine of the Congo
  • Traditional cuisine of the Congo
  • Traditional cuisine of the Congo

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