Beaches in Alushta: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in Alushta (Russia - Crimea)

Beaches in Alushta

Beaches in Alushta

On the whole 80 km coastline stretchesAlushta district. Of course, on its territory there are a huge number of beaches to suit every taste and size, so there are a lot of tourists, especially during the season. The resort area begins in the village of Partenit and extends to Privetnoye village.

Alushta Center posted on its territoryset of departmental beaches that belong to the local hotels and resorts. Of course, the entrance to the beaches are not free for anyone who is not a resident of the boarding house, and living can enter it by presenting a special pass. Alushta beaches are very well maintained and clean. As a rule, umbrellas and other beach equipment here it is always there. The cost of entry to the beach is 10 to 50 UAH., and the price is highly dependent on the characteristics of the infrastructure.

City Beach Alushta

Near the center of this beautiful Crimeanthe city is a picturesque promenade. It is on this embankment, and have arranged a huge city beach, is particularly popular among tourists. Locals prefer to place quieter and quieter, so either leave the territory of the city, or enjoy a few hours of sun in the early morning.

Log in to the central city beach of Alushtaabsolutely free, but all the extras are only available for a fee. For example, sun loungers rental cost vacationer in 20 UAH., And for a one-time visit to the toilet or shower it will have to pay, too. The beach is strewn with small pebbles and is situated next to a beautiful park, where you can hide in the most sultry hours. Some vacationers are always in the shadow of saving, you return immediately after a bath.
At night, there a bar and a disco, and a day guests have the opportunity to ride on the water slides or visit the local aquarium with exotic fish.

For those who love the sand

The best sandy beaches of Alushta can be counted onfingers, as in the main local beaches - pebble. However, the beach is equipped in the Professors' Corner is just for those who does not accept anything but the sandy surface. Here you can rent pedal boats or a boat ride on a banana boat or try a dive with an aqualung. This beach is very fond of families with young children. All who wish to purchase souvenirs can do it on the market, which is located not far from the beach.

Also in Alushta are very popular beaches are:
1. dedicated beach for people whose physical abilities are limited;
2. The beach on the territory of children's creativity house;
3. The wild beaches in the village or the beach at Azure Chernovskaya stones.

Photos Alushta beaches

  • Beaches in Alushta
  • Beaches in Alushta
  • Beaches in Alushta

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