Where to go with children in Yalta. Activities for Children in Yalta

Where to go with children in Yalta?

Where to go with children in Yalta?

Yalta draws its uniqueattractions. The resort is famous for unique Crimean landscapes and views of the coast. The local climate is close to the Mediterranean, so many tourists choose to come to families to relax and improve your health. To rest was saturated, it is necessary to know in advance where to go with children in Yalta.

Popular Entertainment

Very useful for people of all ageslong walks in the fresh air. The resort is a beautiful museum, spread out in the open. On the territory of Yalta preserved ancient houses previously owned by the Russian elite. Many of them have turned to modern hotels and motels.

Yalta - a city that is surrounded by greenery. On the streets it is growing a lot of exotic plants, so even regular walks deliver a lot of pleasure travelers. In this regard, a particularly interesting subject is considered Quay. Next to it is a picturesque seaside park, where in the shade of ancient trees, you can relax on a hot day. a variety of attractions and cafes run in the park.

When planning where to go with children in Yalta, notforget about such interesting objects as sea animals theater "Water area" and the zoo. In the first institution you will be able to look at the whole family show featuring dolphins. The zoo visitors get a chance to see many animals. There are no familiar railings and barriers, and animal feed purchased feed. In Yalta zoo has rare animals: otter, capybara and others.

Activities with children

To a child could run plenty to visit himGlade of fairy tales. There's a large area contains the famous fairy tales characters. They are made of clay, wood and stone. Dreamland will be interesting to children and their parents. After wandering through the colorful city, go with the children to the sea. The most popular beach activities are riding water scooters, bananas and cheese cakes. But that leisure is only suitable for older children.

By purchasing tickets on a boat, you can makeexciting boat trips on the Black Sea. A lot of positive emotions will take you to walk on a yacht. Here you can swim in the open sea and enjoy the beautiful views. The cost of this service depends on the time and walk on yachts parameters.


  • Where to go with children in Yalta?
  • Where to go with children in Yalta?

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