Beaches Theodosia: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches of Feodosia (Crimea)

Beaches Theodosia

Beaches Theodosia

It is noteworthy that hospitable Theodosiainvites vacationers to its beaches for free. This means that the entrance fee will not be charged, and it is to save a little money for rent beach equipment. In addition to this pleasant details, before going on holiday on the beaches of Feodosia also need to know that the city is divided into districts. Some of them are considered to be historical:

  1. Quarantine
  2. Morsad
  3. Centre
  4. Ukraine
  5. White pool
  6. locust
  7. Cinema "Ukraine".

Each of these areas is known for its private beach.

Beaches in the central areas of Feodosiya

If you prefer to live in the center, then youshould visit the beach "Pebbles". It is located very close to the center of Feodosia, as well as beach appropriately named "City." "City" is located along a small beach promenade, which stretches from the street. General Gorbachev to the street. Gallery. It should be noted in advance that, by the beach, you will come across small pebbles, and the water in it will turn into pure sand. Beach will provide you with everything you need for a comfortable stay: toilets, changing rooms, showers. Produced rental of various equipment.

Sandy beaches for children

Hotels in Feodosiya with the kids,holidaymaker can face the fact that he will need a beach specially equipped for children. We can say that the beach "1st city" is just perfect for vacation with children. The best sandy beaches of Feodosiya are scattered along the coast in different areas of the city and the beach is one of their best representatives. In people, it is also called "Children", because as bedding is soft white sand and the sea is very shallow. Due to the small depth of the water is warming up very quickly, so you do not have to worry about what the kids can catch a cold.

Unusual beaches

In Feodosia and beaches with colorful,exotic names. For example, two beaches, located in the district of "Ayvazovskaya" station, called "Bounty" and "Pearl". Even without knowing the features of these beaches, you want to relax there at least for the sake of their names. The bottom is gently sloping and strip of beach covered with sand. Two of these beaches are very popular among the locals, so it is advisable to take the place in the morning. Volleyball lovers can find here a volleyball court, and just want to sit in the shade - to rent a beach chair or lounger.

Wild beaches in Feodosia

Some travelers enjoy spendingholiday or vacation in the pristine areas by people who have not yet had time to touch the all-pervading civilization. For them there in Feodosia good wild beaches. Very famous beach "distemper" with the same name of the wild. Here you can not only relax, but also to make beautiful pictures on wide boulders.

Photos Feodosia beaches

  • Beaches Theodosia
  • Beaches Theodosia
  • Beaches Theodosia
  • Beaches Theodosia

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