Rest in Sevastopol - a photo. Summer holidays in Sevastopol in 2015

Rest in Sevastopol

Rest in Sevastopol

Rest in Sevastopol - a wine tours, rich excursions, beautiful beaches, mild climate ...

The main types of recreation in Sevastopol

  • Sightseeing: the excursions you will see Peter and Paul Cathedral, the panorama "Defense of Sevastopol", memorial complexes (their location - Malakoff and Sapun Mountain), Admiralty Cathedral of St. Vladimir, the ruins of Khersones, the Balaklava Bay, Count's Quay, visit the Sea Aquarium-Museum, walk through Nakhimov Square.
  • Beach: You can choose to relax in the beach Sand bay - it is famous for its fine sand and a depth, which is especially valuable for families with children. In addition, the beach has a café and a medical center with the rescuers. In the morning the children can go to the sandy beach "Omega" with a gentle entrance into the sea, and in the afternoon there are perfect conditions for skiing on a banana, jetski, catamaran, fly on a hang glider. And you can go to the beach "Uchkuevka" - here it is necessary to the liking of fans of pure water and water attractions.
  • Active: Sevastopol can go sailing, diving, paragliding, sailing, rock climbing, take part in hiking, cycling and speleopohodah, ride a quad bike in the surrounding mountains, go fishing or hunting in the local woods for wild boar, hare, partridge, pheasant.
  • Event: to coincide visit to Sevastopol for the celebration of different events, you will visit, for example, in June - to the city's Day (a holiday is accompanied by trade fairs, competitions, evening concert, a theatrical march-parade, fireworks), in July - at the parade of warships (pageant + evening salute) in August - at the Festival of balloons "balloon".
  • Treatment: in local motels should go to suffering from diseases of the upper respiratory tract, cardiovascular system, skin diseases (services patients - physio-rooms, inhalers, rooms with artificial microclimate, acupuncture treatments).

Prices for tours to Sevastopol

The ideal time to travel to Sevastopol -May-September. In June and August tours in Sevastopol, on average increased by 35-60%, and since the cost of housing also increases, it is possible to save a little to offer in the private sector. In order to reduce their selling costs, visit the resort can not only low, but also the velvet season (September-October).

On a note!

In Sevastopol, will be useful things easy, waterproof sunscreen, hat (do not forget to take it all with you).

To move around the city is convenient to the trolley (fixed fare) and taxi (fare price depends on the time of day and duration of the trip).

In memory of their holiday in Sevastopol should bring figurines in the form of a lighthouse, ornaments and handicrafts made of shells, Crimean herbal teas and wines.

Photos rest in Sevastopol

  • Rest in Sevastopol
  • Rest in Sevastopol
  • Rest in Sevastopol

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