Inspection of Simferopol area. List of the best viewing points in Simferopol

Viewpoints Simferopol

Viewpoints Simferopol

Available viewing platforms Simferopoloffer travelers to explore from an unusual angle historic center, 500-year old oak "Bogatyr of Taurida", the former home of Taranov-Belozerov (today a medical college named after Ulyanov), the church of Alexander Nevsky. It is necessary to take into account: because of different heights lookouts with some of them you will be presented all Simferopol, at a glance, and on the other - it is only a small part.

Scythian Naples

He is on top of Peter's hill, sohere it will be able to enjoy the city and its suburbs (because of the rather high cliffs should be careful; this place is a review of one of the best).

Since the Scythian Naples area isHistorical and archaeological reserve on the part of the area for those wishing to organize trips, during which they will be able to see, for example, a public building with columns and the tomb of the king Skilur. Information on the cost of the visit: an adult ticket costs 70 rubles, children - 20 rubles; free access to the reserve is possible on Tuesdays (16:00 to 18:00) and Saturdays (from noon to 16:00).

How to get there? (Address: Archaeological, 1): from the train / bus station is sent to number 4; runs from the bus station bus number 85; depart from the center bus number 85, 4, 24. Your stop - final: "Street Tarabukina".

The observation deck on the street of Marshal Zhukov

Having reached the final stop on this street,from here you can see the open views, but have a little wander in search of a suitable place to house not obstruct the areas for review.

Street Mate Zalka

After rising to the top of the street (here endsa series of apartment buildings), opens a panoramic view of the central part of Simferopol in front of your eyes (here it is best to enjoy the fireworks).

Peter beam

Find the viewing platform will be able, on reachingtaxi number 85, 24, 4, 108 to the place as the vehicle will not deviate from Krylov street Petrovsky - going out there, you need to walk up the street. Another option - to overtake Peter the beam on the other side, and then walk a few hundred meters until the house is practically no longer occur, and so you will go to the viewing platform.

Ferris Wheel in the Children's Park

This attraction allows guests to exploreurban beauty (on attraction tickets sold for 100 rubles). In addition, the Children's Park to visit the zoo, which is home to at least 300 animals. Address: Avenue of Kirov, 51.

Mound of Fame "star"

Since it is located at an altitude of 800 m above sea level, it has come here to admire than (to get here is easy - the desired object is located near the edge of the village).


  • Viewpoints Simferopol
  • Viewpoints Simferopol
  • Viewpoints Simferopol

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