Children's camps in Sudak in the summer. Children's camps in Sudak 2015

Children's camps in Sudak

Children's camps in Sudak

Sudak is located south-eastern part of the Crimea. The area boasts beautiful scenery, mild climate and fascinating history. It attracts tourists from different countries. Feature Sudak - shallow beaches, so the sea in coastal warm very quickly. In summer the resort of bad weather and storms almost never happens. All this makes Sudak ideal place for children and families. The city is situated on the banks of the Sudak Bay, it is surrounded by mountains Sokol, Ai-Giorgi, Perch and Alchak. The climate is dry in the hottest months, the temperature reaches 38 degrees (July, August). However, the heat is pretty easy thanks to the difference in temperature of the sea and the land and the daily movements of air masses.

Why choose Sudak

If you are interested in a camp in Sudak - Childrenhigh quality leisure offer almost all institutions that accept students. Benevolent camp atmosphere and the healthy climate of the resort - the factors that will contribute to the improvement of the child. In the camps, life goes on in accordance with the mode of the day. Children's institutions have their own comfortable beaches. There are changing rooms, showers, umbrellas, deck chairs and canopies. When children are swimming in the sea, look after them teachers, counselors and lifeguards. Some camps offer also swimming in the pools.

holiday is saturated in the children's camp andactive. Every day for children are held exciting activities. They include sections, hobby groups and workshops. Activities - This outdoor games, relay races, competitions, trips around the neighborhood. Children's health agencies organize trips to Old Crimea, New World, Theodosia, Genoese fortress, and many other places.

camp Infrastructure

Best Sudak camps are located near the sea. The resort town is surrounded by picturesque mountains, which are its natural protection from cold winds. For health institutions are assigned a place among the greenery. The hotel guys have the following facilities in the camp. Summer theater, sports grounds, a medical center, a summer stage, dining, etc. For stays discharged comfortable housing. Children eat 5 times a day. The daily diet necessarily there are fresh vegetables and fruits.

Choosing children's camp in Sudak, you can not go wrong. The child comes back from there rested and full of energy. Clean air, beautiful landscapes, a generous sun, sea bathing daily, nutritious food - are factors that speak in favor of Sudak. Guys offers quality excursions: boat trips on the boat, walking around the city, hiking, visiting the reserve.

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