Prices in Sudak - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to the Pike

Prices in Sudak

Prices in Sudak

If you plan to relax in Sudak, you probably care about the money issue. What are the prices in Sudak? How much do excursions at the resort? In this review, we will answer these common questions.

Questions of rental housing

In Sudak have different accommodation options. Let's start with the economy-class housing that is offered by many hotels and hostels. This budget accommodation, which meant only one room with a minimum set of furniture. In the private sector price of this room resort is $ 8-15 per day per person.
Pricing factors in Sudak:

  • the remoteness of housing from the sea;
  • the proximity of the house to the center of the city and entertainment centers;
  • seasonality (summer room is more expensive);
  • availability of facilities in the room;
  • Street cleanliness and greenery.

In Sudak most popular streets with touristsThey are marine, turquoise and Spendiarova. They are located in a comfortable and green area. Economy class rooms are equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of man. Each room has a toilet and shower. Prices at this year's budget rooms in hotels ranging from 500 to 1500 rubles per day. Suites are more expensive.

How much are the products in Sudak

If you want to save on your vacation, it is best to prepare yourself by buying products in the store. Approximate prices of basic products:

  • milk - 25-27 rubles;
  • bread - 10-18 rubles;
  • yogurt - 27 rubles;
  • Cheese - 180-200 rubles per 1 kg;
  • chicken - 60 rubles per 1 kg.

In Sudak to the most famous shops areFora, Svityaz, ATB and Guzel. All are located on Lenin Street. All the necessary products, including products that can be purchased at these stores. Prices in them for many products below market. To buy fresh homemade products (milk, cheese, cottage cheese or eggs) it is necessary to visit the Central Market, which is located on Lenin Street. If you do not feel like cooking, go to a summer cafe Dostluk. A full dinner for two there costs about 600 rubles.

Prices for guided tours

Guided tours are in great demand amongRussians. There are guided tours on a variety of topics: cultural, historical, sightseeing, entertainment, spa. You can use the shuttle service Simferopol Sudak worth 2300 rubles for a group of 4 people. The tour can take place on an individual program. In this case, it will cost more. In Sudak have interesting excursion routes. For example: Sevastopol Balaklava + + Hersonissos. The minimum price per adult is 250 rubles. The price of the tour ticket is not included the price of entrance tickets to museums. Bus tours of Sudak to Yalta, Alupka, Alushta and other cities of the Crimea, have reasonable prices. Tourists are offered cycling tours in the Crimean mountains, walking to attractions. Guided tours on jeeps, horses and quad bikes.


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