Where to go with children in Sudak. Activities for Children in Sudak

Where to go with children in Sudak?

Where to go with children in Sudak?

Sudak and nearby villages to it - itbeautiful resorts, which are suitable for a fun family vacation. The town itself is small in size and beautiful nature. It is located in an ecologically clean area, as there are no factories.

Best resort facilities

The main place for children's and family leisure -This beach. It was there all spend time resting. In Sudak wonderful beaches covered with small pebbles and sand. They are closed from the wind, and the sun warms the sea water well. Therefore, beach vacation gives children and adults the maximum pleasure. Each pension and resort has its own playground for children.

For a family vacation, you can choose a citya water park, which is one of the best on the peninsula. On its territory there are swimming pools and slides. Waterpark - a great outlet for families in windy weather when the waves of the sea and swimming unsafe. Next to it is the Dolphinarium, where the interesting show program with the participation of marine animals. After the presentation, guests can swim with dolphins and take pictures. The spa promenade and the street has a variety of entertainment for children: slides, roundabouts, trampolines, electric cars, etc..

The city's attractions

If you do not know where to go with childrenSudak, take advantage of sightseeing tours. Travel agencies offer a variety of exciting day trips along the coast. For cognitive rest, you can arrange a visit to the historical museum of the city. It contains rare archaeological sites and medieval weapons. The whole family can take a stroll along the cypress avenue, along which there are many shops, entertainment venues and cafes. Alley famous ancient cypress trees and is a favorite place for evening walks.

Parents and children are advised to visitthe village of New Light to see the unique juniper grove. There grow relict pine Stankevich and junipers. Famous natural element of the village is the Cape Kapchik. This is a unique natural object, which juts out into the sea. The New World is a unique trail Golitsyn. It goes between the rocks, and allows you to see the magnificent scenery.

The famous attraction of SudakIt considered the Genoese fortress, which has preserved its original appearance. It is annually held festival "Genoese Helmet" in which fights occur knights, shooting a crossbow and bow, etc. Another popular resort architectural object -. The medieval church of the Twelve Apostles.

To see the resort from the sea, use a walk on a yacht or a boat.


  • Where to go with children in Sudak?
  • Where to go with children in Sudak?

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