Beaches Evpatoria: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches Yevpatoria (Crimea)

Beaches Evpatoria

Beaches Evpatoria

Yevpatoriya beaches are considered the most popular in thethe Crimean peninsula. They are annually visited by tourists from Ukraine, Russia, other CIS countries and some European countries. In contrast to the beaches of Yalta, Yevpatoriya beaches are rarely crowded and they are much cleaner, and the locals are well aware of the location of several wild beaches where tourists rarely zahazhivayut.

On average, the swimming season lasts in Yevpatoriaabout five months. It begins in late May and ends somewhere in the middle of October. There are rarely storms, but even if they do begin, the last few days. Storms happen mainly during the cold season, so travelers who dream a couple of weeks in July to spend on the beaches of Yalta, nothing to worry about.

Hot sand and Entertainment

Absolutely all sandy beaches of Yalta, which is notsaid about the same Yalta with their pebble protruding from the water and huge boulders. The seabed is shallow, and the descent into the water often a smooth, gradual, that is perfect for children. The tides here are, but they are hardly noticeable and certainly not life-threatening.
Like many of the Crimean beaches in Yaltarental offer water skiing, bicycle and catamarans, as well as attractions for children and adults. The beaches there are paid and free. Entrance to the beach with usage fee can cost travelers from 5 to 50 UAH per day - the price depends on the location of the beach and the quality of service.

You can divide the best sandy beaches Yevpatoria into several categories:

  • beaches for young people;
  • beaches for family holidays;
  • beaches for the crowd of fans;
  • beaches for those who like exotics.

Beaches Youth

Among the beaches for the young especially popularconsidered "Knight's Beach" and "Africa". Here you can find playgrounds for volleyball, plenty of comfortable changing rooms, lockers, showers and more. In the evenings regularly arranged free disco for everyone. Both of these beaches are located at the entrance to the city, so to get this far do not make the big work.

Wild beaches Yevpatoria

Wild beaches Yevpatoria drawn from the localwater park for many kilometers. These beaches are suitable for those traveling by car or bicycle. It is very quiet and peaceful, because the little beaches are equipped for vacationers and demand only among fans of exotic. The water is very clean, the sand - white and hot, and the recreational nemerenoe number. Of course, sometimes you can stumble on large boulders, overgrown with barnacles and wild animals (even the serpent), but the remoteness of the total weight of people and the integrity of the landscape are the indisputable advantage over well-groomed, but the crowded resorts.

Pictures of Yevpatoriya beaches

  • Beaches Evpatoria
  • Beaches Evpatoria
  • Beaches Evpatoria
  • Beaches Evpatoria

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