Water parks in Yevpatoria - photos, prices, descriptions

Water parks in Yevpatoria

Water parks in Yevpatoria

Due to the gentle sea and clean beaches Evpatoria is popular among couples with children, as well as a nice bonus, the resort is able to reward their rest in the local water parks.

Water park "Banana Republic"

Water park "Banana Republic" has:

  • 8 pools (there is a "Caribbean" withhydromassage and cocktail bars on the water) and 25 water attractions (in the adult area guests will find a raft-skiing, rides "Body Slide", "blue haze", "Paprika", "Amazon", "Cyclone", "Spit & T "and a baby -" Starfish "," Snake "," Octopus "," elephant "pool" Ball "and the children's cafe" Rendezvous ");
  • shady area with comfortable lounge chairs;
  • fountains "3 Indian" and "Star";
  • restaurant "Tale of the East" (in addition to the menu of oriental dishes pleasing traditional European dishes).

Entrance to the water park for adults will cost 1400RUB / full day (4-hour stay from 15:00 - 1,200 rubles), and children (0.9-1.3 m) - 1000 rubles / all day (800 rubles / 4 hours). Cost of additional services: luggage room (for rent 1 cells) - 100 rubles; pastime on the tennis court - 300 rubles / 1 hour.

Waterpark "There stands"

Aqualand "There stands": here visitors will meet with Baba Yaga, Scientists Cat, mermaid, goldfish, will roll off the 15-meter "Powerful" (shutter length - 77 m) igorok "Swan Princess", "Storm", "Baba Yaga Rulit", "Tron Guidon ", "Dragon". Those who are hungry will be able to quench your thirst and hunger in the café-bar, "The Island" and bar "cap of invisibility".

Children playground is built withhut on chicken legs, water cannons, slides and a swimming pool "Goldfish" (here they animators engage in fun contests). On Sundays waterpark offers to take part in a meeting of the New Year ... - snow and foam parties.

Entrance fee (the price includes the costtour - informative route on Pushkin's fairy tales): adults will pay for the ticket 1200 rubles / all day (1000 rubles / 6 hours from 13:00), and children (1-1.3 m) - 900 rubles / full day (750 rubles /6 hours).

Water Activities in Yalta

Well, you can spend time in the dolphinarium -Look at the 1-hour performance 3 sea lions and dolphins 7 (adult - 1000 rubles, children to 12 years - 600 rubles). After the show, you will have the chance to feed the dolphins and take pictures with them.

Youth suit companies "Knight" and the beach "Africa" ​​- where you can play volleyball, have fun at the disco free, happy in the evening.

Attention deserves a rest and beach "Oasis" -here they will find a VIP-zone (paying $ 100, you can stay all day at the beach, use the toilet and shower), games area for volleyball and football, and the youngest guests will be delighted children's maze presence (120 rubles / 30 minutes).

For those interested in diving will offer to go to the Cape Tarkhankut and dive in places where you can explore wrecks.


  • Water parks in Yevpatoria
  • Water parks in Yevpatoria

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