Beaches Livadia: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in Livadia (Crimea)

Beaches Livadia

Beaches Livadia

Livadia - a small resort town of SouthCrimea, the number of inhabitants which is only 2.5 thousand people. Tourist infrastructure Livadia developed quite well. There are already several decades, has excellent pensions, taking dozens of tourists each year. Almost all beaches in Livadia belong to rest homes.

All Livadia beach covered with fine seapebbles. The coastline is divided into small sections long breakwaters. On the beach there are cabins where guests can change clothes, stationary awnings to protect from the heat of the sun. In the holiday season just crowded beach areas, so finding a space is sometimes quite difficult.

Most beach areas are the property ofresorts, but many are open to visitors. To do this, you must purchase a special permit by paying a certain amount. Some township beaches are free, so tourists here so much more. But choosing the free beach, remember that cleanliness is not watching too closely.

To get to all the beaches in the village are twoways. Either on foot, down the mountain down. The path takes a lot of time. Solve this problem by specific elevators that carry visitors directly to the territory of the beach. All of them belong to the sanatorium, so this service is free for guests. Other categories of citizens can ride on this lift for a small fee.

Livadia beach (the area of ​​the park complex)

To get to this beach, you can either walk orGo down the elevator. Beach excellent infrastructure. Vacationers are offered to rent a boat. If you prefer more active pastimes, you can rent, for example, water-skiing, motorcycles or bicycles. There is a small but cozy bar on the beach area.

This place is a perfect choice couples with small children. The small stones do not hurt kids legs, and they are quite easy to go into the water.

Beach "Dolphin"

The beach is located just 10 minutes fromfamous Yalta embankment, not far from the seaside parkland. It has everything to have a great day. Bright sunshine, excellent infrastructure and, of course, clear waters of the Black Sea.

Pebble beach

Not far from the boarding house "Livadia" is a small beach with sunbeds stationary, which is located under a large canopy.

Entrance to the beach is free, despite the fact thatgeographically it belongs to the boarding house. For the convenience of the visitors here are places for changing. What is particularly pleasing is the fact that cleanliness is monitored very carefully. Directly located on the territory of the beach information office, medical center. Here you can rent a boat or enjoy a glass of juice at a local cafe.

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