Bus tours to Crimea. The cost of bus tours through the Crimea in 2016

Bus tours to Crimea

Bus tours to Crimea

Crimea shaking magnificent landscapes,an abundance of suggestions for the holiday season and the presence of representatives of different cultures and nationalities, which have historically gathered and try to get along on a small peninsula. Annually the Crimea attracts thousands of tourists to their land, and every traveler feels obliged to try the Crimean wines, look at the Crimean palaces and climb at least one mountain. Bus tours to Crimea allows to inspect most of it without thinking about the correctness of the chosen path or on the amount of money that will have to pay for parking and overnight. Journey to the Crimea on the bus can be called an economy tour.

Sights of Crimea

Quiet and majestic Crimea attractsits nature and historical monuments, and a variety of national dishes. Wildlife lovers come here to indulge in his own thoughts in the mountains, but also adherents of civilized rest here will do. For example, it is very popular to the palaces of Crimea tours:

  • Vorontsov Palace.
  • Livadia Palace.
  • Palace of Princess Gagarina.
  • Yusupov Palace.
  • Khan's Palace.

Many attractions are located in thethe city of Yalta. Here you can enjoy a stroll through the greenhouse with live butterflies, relax on the pebble beach, visit at the fair or in a movie theater in the open air. Also worth a visit is located near Yalta huge zoo adjacent to the Glade of fairy tales. Some tours also include a visit to some museums and related to military history.

Seasonal holidays

On the beaches of the Crimea, you can not only wellrelax and soak up the rent chairs, but also go diving or ride on a boat. Children's camps and bases for divers - this is what is proud of the Crimea. If you decide to buy a ticket for a ride on a small boat or a boat, then most likely, you will meet in the sea of ​​playful dolphins and huge jellyfish. Some diving base provide a unique underwater excursions, during which you will see even shipwrecks left after shipwrecks or specially flooded during the war.

The advantages of the bus tour

Comfortable buses will ensure you stay incabin and maximum comfort throughout the journey. A professional guide will not let you get bored, Crimean legends telling and retelling the most interesting pages in the history of these lands. Each guide knows the origin of several options the names of the Crimean mountains are sure to be interested in even the youngest travelers. Despite the fact that the road will take a decent amount of time, you almost do not feel tired at the end of travel, and the financial costs will be so small that you will want to visit the beautiful Crimea again.

Photos of bus tours to Crimea

  • Bus tours to Crimea

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