Coast of Crimea: photos, description

Crimean Coast

Crimean Coast

Rest on the coast of the Crimea - a pleasant pastime at the coast of the Azov and Black Seas.

Crimean resorts on the coast (the benefits of rest)

If you go on holiday to resortsThe Black Sea coast, at the southern coast of Crimea you will be able to enjoy the scenic mountains, unique palace and park complex in the south-east coast - many attractions and go on a tour of the reserves and on the West Coast - healthier due to the healing mud and water from mineral and thermal springs.

As for the rest on the Azov Sea, the tourists will be here waiting for a quiet and relaxing holiday on the sandy and pebbly and sandy beach.

Cities and resorts on the coast of the Crimea

  • Kerch: a city famous for Adzhimushkay quarries (do not forget to bring warm clothes, because here you will have to wait for an excursion at the 18 meter depth), Melek-Chesmensky mound, miraculous mud lake Chokrak (with their help not only to treat rheumatism, low back pain, dermatitis, infertility and other diseases, but also rejuvenated with the help of cosmetic products based on this mud), beach "Turtle" (ideal for lovers of nature, because there are tables, benches, barbecues).
  • Koktebel: in the city you will find a water park (brave, extreme like a roller coaster, "Black Cuttlefish" and "Coastal Brotherhood", the children - low hills, some of which are stylized fairy-tale characters, friendly company - attraction "family on the raft," through which you can all together down the hills on multi-rafts, and wishing to relax - jacuzzi pools) will be able to visit the plant vintage wines and brandies "Koktebel" and sea trips, involving a visit to the Golden gate, relax on the beach "Surf" (if you're lucky you can find jasper, rock crystal, carnelian, amethyst and other semiprecious stones or gems) or beach hotel "Blue Bay", as well as paragliding.
  • Balaclava: here to visit Submarine Museum, visit the knight's tournaments at the fortress Cembalo, explore the South and North forts during the Second World War, a walk along the promenade Nazukina and "health trail", to spend time on a sea voyage on a yacht or boat, as well as in the City ( for the descent into the water provided specially equipped steps), the beaches of "Silver" (there is a snack bar with drinks, rental, lifeguards) and "Gold" (ideal for diving).
  • Yevpatoria: here is to explore the medieval Turkish baths and Karaite kenasa, relax on the "Knights", the beach "Oasis" (there is a VIP-zone), "Solaris" or "Côte d'Azur", have fun in the water park "There stands" (guests can enjoy swimming pools, deck chairs, changing rooms, a bar "cap of invisibility", cafe bar "The Island", the Goblin sculpture, Baba Yaga, goldfish and other characters of fairy tales by Pushkin, children's complex "Akvapley" complex with adult attractions "Dragon", "Swan Princess" "Tron Guidon", "Storm").

In Crimea you will wait parks and forests and resorts, beaches and water activities, treatments with healing mud and brine of salt lakes.


  • Crimean Coast
  • Crimean Coast
  • Crimean Coast

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