Features of the Crimea - communication, kitchen, tradition

Features Crimea

Features Crimea

National features of the Crimea - a complexquestion, highly politicized in recent years. Crimea - a piece of land, whose history is full of wars, conquests, bloody battles. But this beautiful nature, hospitable inhabitants, the warm sea and the radiant sun.

Crimean Tatars

They live apart, in suburban areasmajor urban centers. The villages of the Crimean Tatars built a long time, especially for the accommodation of persons belonging to those national minorities. You should know that the Crimean Tatars are Muslims, so they are forbidden to take pictures without the explicit consent. The Muslim clothing tourists or students dressed mostly from other countries, which are also Muslims. However, still not worth the risk that you are not offended by the locals.

In Crimea, spoken in Russian. Here are preserved the traditions of the culture that no longer correspond to the Soviet era. These traditional features can be called positive and negative. Young people no longer trying to maintain the trend of modern Western culture, but older people are committed to the traditions of the Soviet era. Well, in all you can find the positive.

Today, in the Crimea there are no difficulties withcommunication between the local population and visitors. There is no acute problem of understanding between Russian and Ukrainians, the young and the elderly. Often, these are inventions of the media chasing sensation. The main problem of the Crimea is, oddly enough, the lack of a traditional national colors. Visiting tourists is very important to see something new, unusual, unconventional for them. Today, owners of restaurants, cafes and other public institutions are trying to somehow diversify the way of life, bringing elements of the national symbols. Due to the current political situation in Crimea national symbols - the Russian.

Why go to the Crimea?

First of all, to rest on the sea and enjoy the sunshine. And besides:

  • see memo culture of different eras who zealously protected the inhabitants of the Crimea;
  • visit the botanical gardens and nature reserves;
  • to arrange a trip to the Crimean mountains and paragliding.

Reasons to go in the Crimea - a lot. Choose any, and feel free to go on a trip! You will love all that is connected with the Crimea and its inhabitants, nice and friendly people.


  • Features Crimea
  • Features Crimea
  • Features Crimea

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