Areas of Crimea - Crimean regions

Areas of Crimea

Areas of Crimea

The main and favorite seaside resort eachSoviet man, the Crimea has always been a desirable tourist destination. On trains and planes during the peak season, and today it is difficult to find free tickets, and every house, cottage and even urban apartment is still dealt compassionate masters of all the suffering of the sea, the sun, a great tan and vibrant holiday experience. The areas of the Crimea, with access to the sea, accept every year tens of thousands of tourists who prefer the exotic beauty of its distant travels.

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The administrative area of ​​the peninsula is divided into14 districts. 11 cities with republican subordination to include rural areas and urban districts form. In total, the Crimean region - it's 25 municipal units, most of which is great interest for visitors.
Alphabetical list of head of BakhchisaraiDistrict and city of Alushta, and short - the area with the symbolic name of the Black Sea and the legendary Yalta. In the middle of the list of regions of Crimea - Sudak fortress and medieval Saki district with the famous mud baths, the hero-city of Kerch and the capital Simferopol region.
Southern coast of Crimea - a chain of urbandistricts, smoothly flowing into each other, but because the uninitiated in the geographical details do not understand where it ends Big Yalta and Alushta begins, and are surprised that the two neighboring restaurant with the overall yard located, it turns out in different cities - Sudak and Feodosia.

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The most significant in relation to the Crimean resort area centered on its southern coast:

  • Big Yalta has long ceased to be simply a placewhere he built his villa Chekhov wrote poetry and Lesia Ukrainka. Today, the unofficial title of the capital of the Crimean resort of Yalta is well deserved. It includes 32 settlements located on the south and south-east of the peninsula. Within the boundaries of Yalta spread best beaches, built modern hotels and boarding houses. Livadia Palace, "Artek" and Massandra wine cellars - all Big Yalta in the Crimea.
  • In the north-east of Yalta on the border of not less thansignificant area for holidaymakers of Crimea - Alushta. It includes 26 settlements, even the names of which are a delight lovers of the Black Sea. Grape and cypress, Azure and Radiant, and Gull Rock - Alushta is waiting for those who are not too fond of the metropolitan hustle and bustle and crowded beaches. Here, guests find comfort and privacy even while prices in restaurants and hotels are slightly lower than Yalta.


  • Areas of Crimea
  • Areas of Crimea

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