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Restaurants in Crimea

Restaurants in Crimea

Crimea in the minds of many generations of travelersassociated not only with the warm sea and the generous sun. People come here to relax body and soul and find a comfort and on the beaches, and restaurants in the Crimea. Small and cozy, big and noisy, with live music and dancing until dawn, beach and under the shade of parks, with views of the sea surf or the majestic mountains, the Crimean restaurants every night are filled to overflowing. Couples, recently met and dreaming of continuing relationships, respectable fathers of families with solid spouses under the handle, the couple whose honeymoon begins so romantic and nice - you can see completely different people.
The restaurant accepted to go in the Crimea and in detaila long time, ordered a list of wines and appetizers, to see, hear and dance the concert program. And late in the evening, for the road after drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of brandy, to go to bed in the hope that tomorrow will be even more filled and eventful.

Leafing through the menu

Kitchen every restaurant in the Crimea - a phenomenonunique. It has provided the desires and preferences of virtually every guest and the foundation of the local menus - this is the most popular and loved all the dishes. Nourishing soup here peacefully side by side with ice okroshka, Siberian dumplings are competing in order to rate Chicken Kiev, a Ukrainian vodka drink with the same pleasure, as well as Armenian cognac.

The useful piggy bank

  • The most budget way to sit in a restaurantCrimea - a lunch without alcohol. So you can keep $ 10, if you try this and the first and second, and even dessert. In the evening, everything is two to three times more expensive, because the temptation to order for dinner Crimean wine is too large.
  • When choosing a restaurant, you should pay attention toconcert program. As a rule, for the opportunity to listen to it you have to pay, but information about it in the menu is usually very small print.
  • Most daytime beach cafes in the eveningconverted into restaurants. In Crimea - is the most popular destinations for young travelers. Do not assume that part kitchen places will be at a higher level than a day, but the price may be slightly "grow up."
  • Resort restaurants in the Crimea does not require careful compliance with the dress code in the evenings, so the presence of neighbors in shorts is a phenomenon quite common.


  • Restaurants in Crimea
  • Restaurants in Crimea
  • Restaurants in Crimea

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