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Rest in Crimea with children

Rest in Crimea with children

Crimea has always been considered one of the bestbeach and climatic resorts available for recreation Russians. Weather and nature, sea and sun, the relative cheapness and the possibility of coming to vacation without a currency and passports attracted thousands of families on vacation in the Crimea with the children.


For those who year after year chooses the Crimean peninsula as a venue for summer holidays or vacations, pros such solutions cover the possible disadvantages:

  • To go on holiday in the Crimea with the children as possible,From almost any age. The climate is quite mild and even in high season there are a few early morning or late afternoon hours when the sun is softer and allows your child to play on the sand without risk to the delicate skin.
  • Crimeans willingly hand over their summer houses or apartment visitors, but because there are many to choose from, not overpaying and without risking to remain without a roof over their head.
  • Beaches there for every taste in the Crimea - andpebble and sand. Resorts are also different, and have the opportunity to stay in a noisy, popular Yalta, in a quiet, quiet Katsiveli, and rich in Alupka attractions.

... Or "Against"?

The argument "against" may not be tooeasy drive to rest in the Crimea with the children in the car, but taking advantage of air travel, you can save significant time and force. Moreover, frequent promotions of airlines in this area make it possible to buy tickets for very little money.

Preparing properly

Beach season with comfortable for bathing childrentemperature begins in the Crimea in the first half of June and lasts until early October. Book your favorite house or hotel room is better to not to get nasty surprises upon arrival. In every city of the Crimea there are doctors, pharmacies and essential drugs, and therefore carry with them a large set of drugs does not make sense. On the peninsula there are Russian medical insurance policies.

Passwords turnout addresses

Knowledgeable people recommend to rest in the Crimeachildren Sudak area on the east coast of the peninsula or Yalta - on the west. In these places - sandy beaches with gently sloping entrance to the sea, and the water temperature is always a few degrees higher than on the southern coast. And there is no too large height differences and climb up the hill to a tired baby in her arms, returning home after the beach, do not have to.
Resorts South Coast of Crimea prefer thosewhose children have come under the middle and senior school age. There pebble beaches, bustling restaurants at night and a great water park in Simeiz area, where you can fly with the wind with the highest water slide.


  • Rest in Crimea with children
  • Rest in Crimea with children
  • Rest in Crimea with children

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