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Treatment in Crimea

Treatment in Crimea

For decades the Crimea was the All-Unionhealth resort, where to relax and enjoy the sea and sun, millions of people from all corners of the vast country. But in addition to the traditional beach holiday, holidaymakers practiced in these sanatoria treatment of many diseases and improving the overall health status. Located on the beach and resorts, and now allow to combine treatment in Crimea with all the available beach pleasures and rich excursion program.

important rules

Going on vacation or treatment in the Crimea, it is important toprovide general direction of an institution to choose a suitable resort correctly. Crimea resort is divided geographically into three main parts:

  • Motels southern coast located in the area of ​​urban agglomerations and the Big Yalta Big Alushta. Their main profile - treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, heart, blood vessels and nervous system.
  • Resorts on the East bank of more thanfocused on health-building procedure. In health resorts of Feodosiya and Sudak you can take a course of restorative procedures and to cope with the extra weight, but some of them offer the treatment of diseases caused by disorders of the endocrine system.
  • Treatment in the Crimea in the west of the peninsula - is a guarantee of improvement of work of the musculoskeletal system and win over many dermatological and gynecological diseases.

Methods and Achievements

Among the most popular and effective methodstreatment in the Crimea - the use of natural factors, which are generously awarded this land. Sea bathing and sunbathing can be taken free of charge and in any quantity, even coming here savage. But sanatorium rehabilitation programs include the use of curative mud and mineral water, essential oils and algae. Massages and body wraps, inhalations and baths, showers and physiotherapy, nutritional therapy and oxygen cocktails, water aerobics and yoga - treatment in the Crimea, promises a range of treatments, methods and techniques, each of which is carefully tested and perfected by experts spa facilities.

Price issue

At the beginning of each summer season, more than a hundredCrimean resorts are waiting for their guests. Prices for accommodation, meals and treatments depend on the status of the establishment and equipping, but remain quite affordable for a family and for rest. Travelers who prefer independent tourism and wish to receive medical treatment in the Crimea during the holidays, usually in private rented accommodation and visit in the near sanatorium treatments for a fee.


  • Treatment in Crimea
  • Treatment in Crimea
  • Treatment in Crimea

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