Havana Beaches: photo, video. The best sandy beaches in Havana (Cuba)

Beaches in Havana

Beaches in Havana

Cuba Vacations considered something exotic,than usual and everyday. Usually, vacationers come here in search of new sensations and impressions, and no one leaves disappointed. The best sandy beaches of Havana attracted by its infrastructure and cleanliness, and fans of the "wild" tourism enjoyed a wide selection of pristine areas that are open for research and recreation.

Dangers beaches of Havana

Be that as it may, there are several reasons why it is not recommended to swim off the coast of Havana itself. These four reasons:

  1. poisonous jellyfish;
  2. rocky bottom;
  3. sea ​​urchins;
  4. sharp coral.

These parts interfere with tourists enjoy bathing inthe walls of the city, but there are many other beaches, safer and more suited for outdoor activities. Near Havana is located near three hundred beaches for every taste and color. For example, to the nearest beach Bacuranao can be reached in just 20 minutes by bus from the city center. The most distant beach is considered Jibacoa, which is the road to take you more than an hour. Many popular beaches of Havana are located about an hour's drive from the city.

Features of the local beaches

Havana Beaches can be described by severalphrases: pale green or blue water with visibility up to 30 m, beautiful overgrown coral reefs, the absence of large waves and weak currents. In the east of Havana is a beach Playas del Este, which is translated: East. Several beaches are so-called blue ring, which is made up of Puerto Escondido, El Penon del Fraile, Santa Maria del Mar and Jibacoa. Eastern beaches stretch for as much as 15 km, and that they usually choose to relax by the locals. Gavantsy often rest near the town Bakuranao, despite the fact that the sand is a bit rude. Visitors to the city will find plenty of entertainment: restaurants, bars, cabarets, discos and swimming pools.

Very often, tourists have a rest on the beach Santa Mariadel Mar, which is located 28 km from the capital. Local sand - delicate coral color, and the entire territory of the beach littered with palm trees. There is also growing sea grapes, which certainly seems to tourists this gimmick. On the beach you can find a fairly high cliffs, with a height where you can admire the landscape. Jump into the water from these rocks is strictly prohibited, because the bottom of the local highly unpredictable.

El Salado beach for those who lovetry yourself in something new and unexplored. For example, here you will have the opportunity to work out scuba diving or karting. In the area of ​​the beach Jibacoa can stroll on horseback or take a memorable bike ride, during which you will be able to explore all the local attractions.

Photos Havana beaches

  • Beaches in Havana
  • Beaches in Havana
  • Beaches in Havana

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