How to fly from Havana to Moscow? Time of flight Havana - Moscow

How to fly from Havana to Moscow?

How to fly from Havana to Moscow?

On vacation in Havana you could soak up thebeach El Megan, explore the wreck on a dive excursion near the beach Bakuranao, see the chapel of El Templet, José Martí Memorial and Fortress Real Fuerza, enjoy the cabaret show at the hotel "Hotel Nacionalde Cuba", imbued with the city's history at the Museum of the Revolution, visit the Hemingway house museum, have fun in night clubs "Casa dela Musica" and "El Gato Tuerto"? And now for you is of interest to obtain information on the return flight?

How to fly from Havana to Moscow (direct flight)?

The capital of Liberty Island and Moscow shared the 9600 km, which means that in flight you will spend about 12 hours. So, with "Aeroflot" you get to the "Sheremetyevo" for 11 hours and 45 minutes.

28700 rubles - this is the lowest price at which you can buy a ticket Havana-Moscow (this price is typical for May, June and July). The average ticket price is at the level of 43700 rubles.

Flight Havana-Moscow with transfers

You may be asked to change trains in Toronto,Madrid, London, Paris, Nassau, Mexico or other cities (the trip takes 15-37 hours). With the "Iberia" you get to Moscow through Madrid for 35 hours (landing on the 2 aircraft will be announced after 21 hours), with "Virgin Atlantic" and "Transaero" through London - over 37 hours (waiting time - 22 hours), with "the KLM "through Amsterdam - for 15.5 hours (of them on the dock will take only 40 minutes), with" Air France "through Paris - 31 hours (will have to wait for 2 flight landing about 17 hours).

Selection of the carrier

Making a choice in favor of one or another carrier,pay attention to one of the following (flights are carried out on Boeing787, Airbus A 330, Embraer 190 airplanes and other): "Cubana de Aviacion"; "Transaero"; "Aeroflot"; "Condor Airlines".

Flight Departure Havana-Moscow made fromAirport Jose Marti (HAV), located from the city 18 km (for international flights use Terminal 3: you may need to Terminals 1 and 3, and the second - serving US-Cuba flights). Here are located the information bar, pharmacy, shops (there are also the ones where being a duty-free trade), cameras, where you can drop off your luggage, exchange offices, bank branches, restaurants and cafes, ATMs, post office, VIP-room (there is a common room where open access to fax and telephone).

How to occupy yourself in flight?

The road is to sleep, read artliterature, thought, who give gifts, bought in Havana, a Cuban cigar ( "Cohiba", "Bolivar"), Roma ( "Havana Club"), works of art (paintings, mini-sculptures), machete knife, carvings cedar and rosewood, bamboo, and souvenirs from seashells, CDs of Cuban music, jewelry made of pearls and black corals.


  • How to fly from Havana to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Havana to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Havana to Moscow?

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