Cuba River - pictures, list description

Cuba Rivers

Cuba Rivers

All Cuban rivers are short and very nemnogovodnye. A large part of the water flows into the Caribbean Sea.

River Almandares

Geographically, the river bed is located in the westpart of the island and has a total length of 47 kilometers. The source of the river - lake Sequito, located at an altitude of 225 meters above sea level. Then Almandares crosses the country in the north-west direction and flows into the waters of the Straits of Florida (near the city of Havana).

The waters of the river is very polluted. This is facilitated by numerous companies - brewery, building factories, storage facilities and factories for the production of paper.

Riverside Park is located Almandarem (city park of the capital).

Cauto River

Cauto passes through the lands of the province of Santiago de Cuba and Granma. However, it is the longest river of the island - the total length of the river bed is 343 kilometers.

Source Cauto - the south-eastern part of the island, the mountainsSierra Maestra. After that, the river crosses the country in a north-westerly direction to complete the route in the waters Guacanayabo Bay (near the town of Manzanillo).

The river is navigable only in the lower reaches - the last 110 kilometers before flowing. The river is very dirty and as a source of drinking water can not be used.


  • Cuba Rivers
  • Cuba Rivers
  • Cuba Rivers

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