Holidays in Varadero - photo. Summer holidays in Varadero (Cuba) in 2015

Holidays in Varadero

Holidays in Varadero

Holidays in Varadero is very popular with beach lovers, fine shops and restaurants, spectacular scenery and vibrant nightlife (many discos are organized directly on the coast).

The main types of recreation in Varadero

  • Beach: local white beaches, you can relax with children (for which there are special play areas), or go here big noisy companies (at their disposal - bars, discos, rental of water scooters, boats, diving equipment, and surf).
  • Sightseeing: as part of tours you will see the church Iglesia de Santa Elvira, FuerteEspanol fort Dupont villa (worth a visit in the city museum). Those who visit the park Hosono, will meet with rare tropical birds and animals, and also see interesting plants such as Royal delonix and giant cactus. The park has a swimming pool where you can swim as well as a lake, where you can ride on a catamaran or boat. In addition, here you can go bowling and shoot at the shooting range, and young visitors - a ride on a camel or a children's train. It is worth noting that for those wishing to organize a trip to the sugar factory.
  • Active: active tour Varadero offers go sailing, diving and windsurfing, go for water safaris, deep-sea fishing or jeep safari (you will make a stop at the Saturn's cave to swim in the underground lake, then go to the cave Belyamar to admire the stalactites and stalagmites, and then take a ride on a boat on the river Canimar), play golf or tennis, learn Latin dance at dance schools, have fun in the nightclubs, "Palacio de la Rumba" and "La Komparsita".

Prices for tours to Varadero

Vacationing in Varadero best in November and April. The most expensive tours in the Cuban resort realized in winter - their value increased by 40-45%. To save in Varadero you can come during the rainy season, which lasts from May to October (the savings can be up to 50%). But before you go on a trip worth considering that at this time a very hot and humid, and the weather is not well tolerated by all people.

On a note!

If you plan to deal with the Cubans, taking with him from home small gifts - they love to receive a gift pens, dolls, chewing gum, soap.

Since the exchange of money in Varadero - a big problem, it makes sense to have small bills.

If you do not want to be fined, do not take pictures and shoot video camera industry, military equipment and troops.

In memory of the holiday in Varadero, you can bringcigars ( "Partagas", "Cohiba", "Bolivar"), Cuban rum, coffee, artwork in the form of sculptures, paintings and furniture (for export will need a special permit), wooden figurines Cuban cigars.

Varadero - Cuba

Photos vacation in Varadero

  • Holidays in Varadero
  • Holidays in Varadero
  • Holidays in Varadero

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