Vacations in Cuba in June: prices and weather. Where to rest in Cuba in June

Vacations in Cuba in June

Vacations in Cuba in June

Visiting distant and beautiful Cuba manyRussian tourists is marked by heroic past, covered flёrom revolutionary romanticism in the style of the legendary Comandante Che. At the same time, the second point is the attractive scent of exotic faraway countries, who accompanies tourists on the plane, flown to Havana, before the farewell to this amazing country.

Vacations in Cuba in June - this is also an opportunityto get acquainted with nature and people, try to understand the mentality and traditions, fall in love with these places or never come back here. The latter, incidentally, is very rare, because Cuba is able to receive guests up to the mark.

Climatic conditions

June forecast in Cuba are unlikely to delighttourist. Summer, of course, long been in full swing and temperatures please. But the rainy season can easily spoil the mood of anyone. Vacationers in Cuba in June, should be ready for anything: and to the heavy rains, which can catch the tourist in the most inopportune moment, and in hot weather, which is very quickly replaces rain. Interesting sensations await guests of Cuba - in June, air and water temperature is about the same and amounts to + 27C °.

In memory of Cuba

Most small island pleases tourists offer numerous gifts that are sure to please family and friends.

In the list of the most popular gifts:

  • The famous Cuban cigars.
  • No less famous, although an amateur, - Cuban rum.
  • The characters of the famous revolution - black and white photographs, collected in smart albums, T-shirts with portraits of Che and takes in his own style.
  • Guayabera - shirt, which allowed officials to wear, it helps to maintain a decent appearance in the tropical heat.
  • Black coral and articles thereof (bracelets, hair clips, jewelry) that will please especially pretty women.

Not only Cuba

Tourists will be interested to know that itthe state owns, and other islands except, actually, Cuba. You can visit the Isle of Youth, which has the second largest area in the archipelago. Here, tourists can visit the local nature reserve or a national marine park.

Perhaps someone has a desire to visitprison "Presidio Modelo", only in educational purposes. This tourist destination - a copy of the prison, located in the United States and known for its famous prisoners - Fidel Castro.

Photos Recreation in Cuba

  • Vacations in Cuba in June
  • Vacations in Cuba in June

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