Features of Georgia - Communication, kitchen, tradition

Features of Georgia

Features of Georgia

Georgia - a unique country. Every tourist who jumped at the chance to come here, receives only positive emotions. What are the national characteristics of Georgia should be noted?

Population and national mentality

In Georgia, 5.8 million people live. At the same time, more than 70% of people are Georgians, 8.1% - Armenians, 6.3% - Russian. In addition, Georgia populated with Azeris, Ossetians, Kurds, Greeks, Abkhaz, Assyrians.

Residents of Georgia have a special character, theycharacterized by cordiality and hospitality. Even people who come uninvited guest gets expensive. Regardless of what kind of lifestyle is necessary to conduct the man and the challenges it faces, is a manifestation of hospitality throughout.

Most people spoke the language. Despite this fact, the country remembers Russian. However, in mountain areas difficult to find someone who will be fluent in Russian. In big cities, it is becoming more common English. Russian is most easily found in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Georgian official religion is Orthodox Christianity, which was adopted back in the year 337. However, representatives of all faiths can count on the understanding, support.


You can bargain, but be prepared toGeorgia is still very different from China. In addition, to agree on a lower price is possible only in the market, because the stores set a fixed price for any product. Take advantage of the chance to enjoy shopping to the full.


Georgia is compact, butthat its landscape is very diverse. For trips around the country are available taxis which are inexpensive means of transportation. Be prepared for the fact that tourists will not move as high as we would like. You may want to allocate more funds to travel and rental cars. For travel in mountain areas need a jeep.

Wanting to go to West Georgia, it is best to decide on a day or night train, which is characterized by low cost and scheduled flights, the presence of new cars.

Take advantage of the chance to enjoy an active travel throughout Georgia!


  • Features of Georgia
  • Features of Georgia
  • Features of Georgia

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