The capital of the Hawaiian Islands: map, photo. What is the capital of the Hawaiian Islands?

Honolulu - the capital of the Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu - the capital of the Hawaiian Islands

Many times, the capital of Hawaii, beautifulHonolulu city, became the object of the shooting world famous bestsellers and comedies. On the one hand, Honolulu is known as one of the most popular resorts in the Americans, on the other hand, in his suburb located Pearl Harbor military base, notorious events of the Second World War.

The city of thousands of people

That is called Honolulu tourists duea large number of people on the streets. Second, very unoriginal name of the capital of the fiftieth American state - "city of a thousand skyscrapers." Indeed, high-rise buildings here enough for their number of settlements can be compared to the famous New York.

And yet, not urban architecture, albeit a verybeautiful, attracts the attention of travelers - a beautiful bay, on the shore of which the capital was placed. By the way, translated from the Hawaiian name sounds primitive simple - "secluded bay." Such a simple name does not scare visitors, eager to lie on the golden sands or take a dip in the azure ocean waves.

Waikiki Beach - paradise dream

Honolulu resort area takes a lot of miles along thethe sea, this place becomes the end point of the guest card. The name also sounds like Waikiki with Hawaiian language, this translation is more poetically - "flowing water", he reminds us of the spring creeks, rushing to the ocean.

Among Honolulu beaches, of course,competition takes place, though, on the other hand, many of them have their own specifics and, accordingly, its tourist. Among the most famous is most often referred to the following beaches:

  • Hanauma Bay, its highlight - fabulous views of the sea kingdom, open to anyone who has mastered snorkeling;
  • Sunset Beach, the dream of each and every incident on the island;
  • North Store, located in the north and interesting, especially for surfers;
  • Kailua Beach, gathering thousands of fans of windsurfing.

It is clear that, given such "specificity" of beaches, most of the rest - are teenagers and young people. Although older tourists can find a decent place to rest.

Excursions into the world of wildlife

Holidays in Honolulu - it's not only the beach, sun andendless ocean. One should leave Waikiki Beach, at least for one day, to discover the natural attractions in the vicinity of the capital.

You can climb on one of the local peaks, visit the valleys with pineapple groves (amazing sight to many), to go to paradise falls Manao or in tropical jungles.


  • Honolulu - the capital of the Hawaiian Islands
  • Honolulu - the capital of the Hawaiian Islands
  • Honolulu - the capital of the Hawaiian Islands

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