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The traditional cuisine of Iceland

The traditional cuisine of Iceland

Power in Iceland - is primarily a tasty and hearty national dishes, the prices of which local institutions are at the average European level.

Food in Iceland

Icelandic cuisine was influenced by Norwegian, Danish and Swedish culinary traditions. Icelandic diet consists mainly of dairy products, meat and fish.

In Iceland should try buttered toast,jam and cheese (ristaobrauomeoosti); dried fish and butter (this snack is called "harofiskur"); dairy product, at the same time representing a soft cheese and yogurt (skyr); sausage, prepared from sheep's offal (slatur); a dish of shark meat (hakarl); smoked lamb (hangikjot); salmon steak; chops whale meat; cod cheeks.

A sweet tooth can enjoy buns drizzled with sugar syrup, as well as pink or brown glaze.

If you - a lover of the exotic, the Icelandic capital you can taste Viking kitchen - bovine eggs soaked in yogurt, fermented sealskin fins, blood pudding and others.

In Iceland you can eat:

  • in cafes and restaurants where you can enjoyNational dishes and almost all cuisines of the world (in the country, particularly in Reykjavik, open Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian and even a vegetarian restaurants);
  • in cafes and establishments where you can buy fast food (Asian food lovers will be able to easily find here the Thai fast food).

While vacationing in Iceland, the restaurant is worth a visit"Pearl", which is located in Reykjavik, on top of a giant tank with hot water. This restaurant is rotated, due to what your meal will get a special "flavor".

Since constantly eating at local cafes andrestaurants too expensive, then it is advisable to buy food in the budget supermarket chains - Bonus and Kronan. A fish is best to buy fish in the shops or in the markets - here you will amaze the variety of choice.

Drinks in Iceland

Popular drinks Icelanders - tap water (it is the purest water in the world and is safe for use), coffee, Brennivin (local potato vodka).

Buy alcoholic beverages in the country can belicensed bars, restaurants, shops, duty-free monopoly VinBud (their cost is very high). To save money, it is advisable to purchase alcoholic beverages in duty free shops upon arrival at the airport.

Gastronomic tour in Iceland

Embark on a gastronomic tour "TasteIceland ", you can taste traditional dishes and some culinary delights. In Iceland, you will be able to taste the "volcanic" bread, as well as enjoy the unique caramel, cooked rhubarb and taste the local beer, which is brewed in the Icelandic fragrant herbs. In addition to the impressions of taste the dishes you will experience positive emotions from visiting the local attractions (in the framework of this tour you will go on an excursion to the volcano Eyjafjallajökull).

Iceland is famous for its numerous natural attractions - nature reserves, waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, lakes, as well as delicious and unique food.

Photos Iceland national dishes

  • The traditional cuisine of Iceland
  • The traditional cuisine of Iceland
  • The traditional cuisine of Iceland

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