How to fly from Reykjavik to Moscow? Time of flight Reykjavik - Moscow

How to fly from Reykjavik to Moscow?

How to fly from Reykjavik to Moscow?

On vacation in Reykjavik you could exploreChurch of Hallgrimur, visit the Naval Museum "Vika", admire the art collection of the National Gallery, visit the beach Nautholsvik Geothermal, the waterfall Gullfoss, on the luxurious feasts and costumed performances in the theme park, "Viking Village", go hiking on the glacier, rafting, catch fishing trout and salmon, have fun in the water park "Lagafellslaug", night clubs "Pravda" and "Nasa"? And at the moment you are concerned about the return flight to Moscow?

How to fly from Reykjavik to Moscow?

When the flight on this route will overcome passengers 3300 km (airline provide direct flights from Reykjavik to Moscow).

To clarify the value of the ticket Reykjavik to Moscow it is advisable to contact a sales offices: he will tell you that it is around 16900-18100 rubles.

Connection Flight Reykjavik-Moscow

Departing from the capital of Iceland in Moscow, you can transfer to another plane in Stockholm, Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Oslo and other cities.
If liability for your flight will take over"Icelandair", you will fly home via Zurich (flight will last 7 hours and rest 1 flight you will be able to 8 hours), Saint Petersburg (landing in "Domodedovo" will be made after 7 hours, and between flights break 2 hours and ), Frankfurt and Warsaw (on board aircraft will have to spend 5 hours and expect a dock - 7 hours), Copenhagen and Vienna (in general, the air-tour you spend 10 hours and to rest between flights you allocate 2 hours). And if you decide to fly home with "the Lufthansa", make a change at Hamburg (air travel will last for 18.5 hours, with a break from 1 flight, you will be able to 12.5 hours) or Düsseldorf (on the dock you will allocate less than 1 hour, and in the " Vnukovo "you will find yourself in 7 hours after the start of air travel).

Choose a carrier

The distance between the cities you will be able to overcomewith the following companies that own Boeing 757, Super Jet 100-95, Boeing 737-600 airliners and other: "Icelandair"; "Vueling Airlines"; "Easy Jet"; "WOW Air".

Fly from Reykjavik to Moscow for travelersoffer from Keflavik Airport (RKV) - it is situated 38 km from the city center (you can get here on the bus Flybus). At the airport, you can sit in the waiting room or the VIP-Lounge, to get medicines, newspapers and other products in a variety of retail outlets, a tasty meal in a local cafeteria, pass their luggage in the luggage room, access the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Things to do on board the aircraft?

In addition to reading books and magazines, to be in flightdecide with someone from relatives and friends to bestow gifts, acquired in Reykjavik, in the form of art glass, handmade pottery, silver jewelry, articles made of Icelandic wool and volcanic stone, natural cosmetics "Blue Lagoon", candy "Ris Buff", beer mugs Viking-style carvings of birds, puffins.


  • How to fly from Reykjavik to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Reykjavik to Moscow?

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