Resorts in Iceland: photos, description

Resorts Iceland

Resorts Iceland

The silent and dormant this northern island canIt appears only at first glance. A closer examination of Icelandic land is quite interesting and nice to study, and in the famous Valley of Geysers, no, no yes and vzmetnetsya up many meters column of hot steam and water, once again proving that in the world there is no boring countries and territories, even if they are small and compact. However, Iceland resorts can boast of even high-class spas based on natural thermal waters, and its national parks let you get a little closer to nature, natural, wild, but very beautiful.

Things to do an active person?

On the island there is no beach resorts -Iceland is too cold for swimming and sunbathing. But the opportunities for outdoor activities are abound, and choose a business like any tourist is able to:

  • To go hiking on IcelandNational Parks, part of which lies in a large area of ​​glaciers. Especially active travelers prefer to go ice climbing on frozen waterfalls, less advanced content with photographing opening radiant splendor.
  • Great river rafting in the southern part of Iceland - a quality leisure, organized in compliance with all safety regulations.
  • Another popular feature Iceland - whale watching in the summer, when huge giants come to the local waters to feast on plankton.
  • Large ski resorts in Iceland offerits guests can not yet, but the town of Akureyri in the north of the country is able to meet the needs of skiers and snowboarders, even of the highest class. Wealthy athletes sent to Akureyri and heli-tours.

On the issues of vital

Iceland - the country is not cheap, but because the hotels,food and other fun here comes at a price. Save by selecting the right hotel, the most appropriate level of tourist purse. The country has opened hotels with a different number of stars on the facade, as well as guest houses, campsites and hostels. You can even rent a gazebo with partial amenities on local farms or a room in a flat plain on the Irish special online resources.
By the way, the airport in the capital of Ireland is closed for the night, so to pass the time before the morning flight to the floor of the departure hall will not work.


  • Resorts Iceland
  • Resorts Iceland
  • Resorts Iceland

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