Tours in Reykjavik (Iceland). Rest in Reykjavik: photo, trips

Tours in Reykjavik

Tours in Reykjavik

It is called the world's northernmost capitalthe country, the name is translated as "the smoking bay", and lives here more than half of the state population. And this city is considered the cleanest in the world and one day put on the first place among the richest in the world. This is the capital of Iceland, called the UNESCO city of literature also. Go on a tour in Reykjavik, then a couple of days to get around European capital along or across, the eyes to see the whales in coastal waters, drinking a pint of beer in the ice, in the truest sense of the word, the bar and try to understand why this kind of music says Bjork. However, the performance of the last item in this list, no guide can not guarantee.

History and geography

Norwegian and Celtic immigrants streamed intoIceland in the ninth century, and it was then that on the peninsula, where now stretches Reykjavik, the first farm was built. Smoky Bay it was named because of the large number of hot springs, steam is released into the sky in front of astonished latter-day Icelanders.
In the XIII century it actively trades, not only withHanseatic League and the Norwegians, but also with Great Britain, but after four centuries of its robbing Barbary Pirates. The impetus for the revival and further development served as the basis of wool shops and the subsequent independence of the island from Denmark.

Edge of the White Nights

Despite its rather northernthe location, the city is ready to offer the participants tours in Reykjavik very comfortable weather. In winter, there is rarely colder than - 10, the reason for that the warm Gulf Stream, which washes the island. The water in the Gulf never freezes for the same reason. In summer, the thermometer will fluctuate around 23, and the least precipitation in the capital of Iceland in June and July.
Located not far from the Arctic Circle,a city famous for its white nights. During the summer months the evening glow almost goes into the morning, which makes night-time is very short. Polar day gives way to night and winter long daylight hours in December, less than three hours.

Useful things

  • Among the attractions of the capital cityIceland - its Cathedral of the XVIII century. Sophisticated tourist church may seem rather drab and uninteresting structure, but Icelanders are very proud of it.
  • Bring out the tour in Reykjavik can and should be lovely hand-knitted goods made of wool with national ornaments. Not less demand of the guests are from the local jewelry silver.
  • Icelandic stew is best to book in schools, where locals gather. It turns out especially nourishing soup, a serving size is different from the tourist restaurants in the better.


  • Tours in Reykjavik
  • Tours in Reykjavik

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