The suburbs of Tokyo - Photos, what to see

Suburbs Tokyo

Suburbs Tokyo

The capital of Japan is so large that the boundary,where the city, blends in the suburbs of Tokyo, is almost indistinguishable. The economy of the giant metropolis is the largest in the world among the city, and their home capital of Japan, together with the surrounding area is considered by various sources to 37 million people.

Ambassadors and geisha

Suburb Tokyo Minato in fact is one of thetwenty-three specific areas that are geographically divided the Japanese capital. It is located in Minato Embassy of the largest countries with which the Land of the Rising Sun has established diplomatic relations. Russian Embassy - among them.
Tourists are also in the suburbs of Tokyo attractsopportunity to visit the famous Akasaka geisha quarter. Tea houses and musical theaters have been preserved in its original form for centuries, despite the fact that the community of geisha is now entirely modern organization, leading their own accounts and having the controls.

Six trees

This suburb of Tokyo is famous among lovers of activenightlife. Quarter Roppongi once limited to six trees that gave it its name. Today in local clubs, bars, discotheques and restaurants can meet travelers from around the world, the size, price and specific facilities are designed for very different customers.

For sunlight

One of the oldest pilgrimage centers in Japancalled Nikko, which literally translated means "sunlight". Its quite a remote location away from the capital in the Japan does not scare anyone - 140 km by local standards, not the distance, but because the residents often enough rest in the suburbs of Tokyo.
Nikko National Park can offer an extensive program of viewing attractions:

  • Kegon Waterfall falls from a height of almost 100 meters. It is formed by the river flowing from the mountain lake Tyudzen-ji. At the foot of the beautiful tea house built in Japan falls.
  • Lake Tyudzen-ji is rich in trout, try dishes which offer authentic restaurants of the national park.
  • Shinto sanctuary Tosё-gu - the burial place of the great statesman and military leader Tokugawa shogun. Tomb surrounded by ancient Japanese cedars.

Nikko National Park, a suburb of Tokyo, and he entered into the UNESCO list of World Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


  • Suburbs Tokyo
  • Suburbs Tokyo

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