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Tours in Tokyo

Tours in Tokyo

For Eastern exoticism and the latest achievementstechnical progress go on tour in Tokyo anime fans, passionate sushi lovers and admirers of Shintoism. And Japan - it's cherry blossoms, white cap Mount Fuji and "prosperity, charm and tranquility", proclaimed the motto of the capital of Japan.

History and geography

Japan lies on the islands, the largest of which -Honshu. In the south-eastern part and stretched thirteen millionth Tokyo. Its history began in the XII century, when the Edo warrior built a fort at the entrance to the bay. Strengthening repeatedly passed from hand to hand in the best traditions of the Middle Ages. Along with the war, the city managed to grow, and by the XVIII century the then Edo became one of the biggest in both hemispheres.
His real name was Tokyo in the middle of the XIX century, when he was "appointed" capital of the country. Since then, he began to develop especially rapidly.
The city is located in an area of ​​highseismological danger, and are constant debates about moving the capital to another place in the government. In the meantime, it remains on Honshu, tours in Tokyo - the most popular among tourists arriving in Japan.

Briefly about the importance

  • The monsoon subtropical climate in the capitalRising Sun provides a dry season during the winter, and wet - in all other seasons. Summer in the city is very hot and stuffy due to the frequent and heavy rains. Book tours in Tokyo is best for early spring or November, when the thermometer located in the area of ​​20, and rainfall is not so significant.
  • In Japan's capital during rush hour traffic congestionacquire catastrophic proportions, but because the tour in Tokyo, it is best to use the subway. Subway in the Japanese capital, comfortable and quite understandable, and its stations are located close to all the most important tourist attractions.
  • Tokyo International Airport is connected to the center of the capital high-speed trains.

The culture of the Edo era

In the XVII century Tokyo, then wore the name Edo, wasthe cultural center of the region, and because many palaces and forts, temples and monuments were built on its territory. Most of them are preserved and available for visits. During the tour in Tokyo, take a look at the Tokyo Imperial Palace and the old manor and noble families.


  • Tours in Tokyo
  • Tours in Tokyo

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