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Education in Japan

Education in Japan

Japan is a highly developed country of high technology. Get Education in this country is honorable and prestigious, but training in Japan is not free and not cheap.

What are the advantages of studying in Japan?

  • Getting a quality education;
  • The teaching staff consists of competent professionals and entrepreneurs (this is especially true for those who are learning Japanese business schools);
  • Diploma of Education in Japan is recognized worldwide.

Higher Education in Japan

The country of the rising sun offers to foreignersenroll in a short-term university training which takes only 1 year (as a rule, classes are conducted in English). The knowledge gained during their studies - basic: they are equal to the internship abroad.

You can, of course, to come to Japan for the full higher education, but it should be great to know the Japanese language and pass an entrance examination in the selected college.

To enroll in a higher educational institution of Japan, studied for 11 years in a Russian school, the future student needs (optional):

  • Studied at the Russian university at least 1 year;
  • After studying for one year at a high school in Japan;
  • Studied at a Japanese language school in special language courses "Jyunbi Kyoiku Katei".

Expression of intent to enroll in a Japanese universityit is advisable to apply in June and July. In addition, the need to provide a high school diploma and a document confirming the passage of language training (at least 2 semesters).

Higher education in Japan can be obtained by studying the following schools:

  • College;
  • University with a complete cycle;
  • University with fast cycle;
  • Technical Institute.

Business education in Japan

Japan - advanced in terms of technology innovation country, which also is safe for habitation. These factors encourage foreigners to obtain MBA education is in Japan.

Teaching in business schools is carried out on the basis ofPostgraduate education: students receive intensive knowledge of finance, logistics, strategic management, marketing, etc. In addition to the theoretical course, in business schools are well built practical part.

The benefits of this training is that the course is learning no more than 60 students and foreign graduates easily find jobs not only in the Japanese office, but also outside the country.

Educated in Japan, you will have many opportunities to build a successful career!

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