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Features Japan

Features Japan

Mysterious Japan has long attracted touristsits ancient Eastern traditions, living standards and the latest technology. But few people know how to behave in this country with its polite and proud people. What are they, the national peculiarities of Japan?


It so happened that the ceremonies in this countryattach great importance. For example, during a business meeting is customary to exchange business cards and small gifts. But do not look Japanese straight in the eye, he considers it rude. Also, they have no concept of handshake. The Japanese always bow to, and response need to bow to the same number of times. Another feature of them is that the Japanese elderly are not arranged to communicate with strangers. For inquiries on the streets better suited to middle-aged people. Coming to visit the Japanese, you must be sure to remove your shoes.


What synonymous Japan and the Japanese: sushi; origami; geisha; kimono; tea ceremony. This immediately reminds us of Japan. It is worth noting that for the Japanese all their traditions are sacred and inviolable. It is also possible to include luxury Japanese gardens, the national struggle sumo and Kabuki theater.

Interesting Facts

  • In Japan, the concept of "take a bath" has severala different meaning than is commonly believed. They do it more for relaxation than for washing. Firstly, before the bath is necessary to wash in the shower. Secondly, in any case can not be drained - it does not get to one man.
  • All attempts to tip the employee in Japan perceive as an insult. They even hang signs everywhere that say that it is forbidden.
  • Not very fond of Japanese and when they were taking pictures of tourists, so it is better to do without it. And if in another way, it is better to ask for permission.
  • In Japan, a lot of different game centers,play here, and the children, and the elderly. All kinds of games and activities specially designed for certain types of people, so that you can see in Japan and slot machines for the little ones, and sweepstakes.
  • Women in Japan are always calm and friendly and smiling during a conversation. This should be remembered and not be surprised when a serious conversation. These are the rules of behavior of Japanese women.
  • It is also surprising that, despite the fact that Japan has great respect for old age, young people are not inferior to the elderly in the public transportation.
  • Before you go to the bathroom, made to wear special toilet slippers. In other areas they are not.


  • Features Japan
  • Features Japan
  • Features Japan

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