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Japan flag

Japan flag

The Japanese call the Japanese Hinomaru flag, which cantranslated as "solar terms". The structure is white linen, having a large red circle right in the center and, it is clear this is a direct association with the sun, which rises.

According to the legend, it appeared like a bannerin the thirteenth century, when the Mongols invaded Japan. The use of this flag were invited Buddhist monks to the Japanese emperor, who was considered a descendant of the sun goddess.

As the state became the flagperceived, when the restoration of the national (in the sixties of the nineteenth century). width indicators to the indicators of the length have a ratio of two to three. At the moment the flag is considered both civil and public.

While nothing is known about how this flagoccurred. Ever since the seventh century, the sun that rises, it is considered a symbol of the Japanese government. Even Japan itself since, as you probably know, is called the Land of the Rising Sun (probably among the many different nicknames it is the most popular). Even in the ancient Japanese stories there are references that the last samurai drew on his own cephalic fan sun that rises.

There are many legends telling aboutthe origin of the flag. According to one of them, this flag is presented Nichiren, a Buddhist monk, his shogun as a banner of struggle against the Mongol invasion which occurred in the thirteenth century. Among other things, the banner is seen as symbols of the emperor at home in Japan, and has been associated with the goddess Amaterasu, which is considered the one that started the Japanese imperial race.

By the way, today you can still see the Hinomaru,which is almost the oldest instance of the flag. It is located on the territory of Yamanashi Prefecture inside the fortress UMPO-Ji. This banner is already more than a thousand years and it is considered a real relic, belonging to the Japanese Takeda clan. There are legends that this flag is presented to Emperor Go-Rёdzey clan leader Yoshimitsu. In general, we can talk about the rich history of the Japanese flag, which is constantly changing, both in its structure and in its status.

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