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Traditional cuisine of Japan

Traditional cuisine of Japan

Food in Japan high-quality and balanced. This confirms the fact that Japan is famous for the highest life expectancy.

Food in Japan

The Japanese diet includes fish, seafood, vegetables, rice, soy (they eat it as miso soup, soy sauce, tofu pieces), noodles.
Arriving in Japan, it is worth trying the nationalJapanese dishes - sashimi (fresh raw fish, seasoned with soy sauce and wasabi), sushi, Miso Shiru (thick soup based on tofu and mushrooms), Suki-Yaki (boiled beef with mushrooms, green onions and tofu).
You can also try the local delicacy, if desired -puffer fish. This poisonous poison the fish, there is the minimal risk as to the chefs, prepares her high requirements for qualification (they have a license to engage in such activities). Try the fish can be in the specialty restaurants, the truth, and it will cost a fortune.
Because the Japanese love to eat, then there are plenty of establishments where you can eat (in Tokyo alone opened 80,000 restaurants).
In Japan, you can enjoy unusual food such as fried, fry crabs, ice cream with taste of meat - chicken, beef or horse meat, as well as, to drink Pepsi with taste of yoghurt, cucumber and shiso ...

Where to eat in Japan?

At your service:
- Cafes, elite and fast-food restaurants;
- Restaurants specializing in one dish (such as restaurants where you can eat different kinds of sushi).
In Japan, you will have the opportunity to visitunusual restaurants. For example, visiting the restaurant "Ninja", you will find yourself inside the fortress, made in the form of a labyrinth of caves, where the secret bridge (restaurant looks like a real ninja hideout) and treasure chests are installed. Here you can enjoy sushi, soup with meat and greens and other tasty dishes.

Drinks in Japan

A popular drink in Japan is green tea, Mugi-cha tea (made from barley or wheat) beer, sake (rice wine), serverov (a drink similar to vodka, which they drink hot or cold).

Gastronomic tour in Japan

In Japan, a thriving gastronomic tourism,as many local restaurants are awarded Michelin stars. Here you will have the opportunity to visit the famous tea ceremony, Japanese cuisine and explore its foundations.
To visit the master class in cooking traditional Japanese food, visit the Culinary Institute - Tsuji. In addition, here you will arrange a tour of the classes and the kitchen of the Institute.
In Japan are many culinary festivals, for example, in October, you can come here for a holiday and mushrooms to taste a variety of dishes based on them.
Arriving in Japan, you will never be hungry - you only need to determine the choice of institutions taking account of their taste and financial opportunities.

Photos of Japan's national dishes

  • Traditional cuisine of Japan

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