Independent travel to Japan

Alone in Japan

Alone in Japan

Japan - a rare gem in the crown of touristdirections. This summer, people wealthy, who are difficult to impress in the travel and comfortable hotels and a rich excursion program and the opportunities for outdoor activities. But Japan is still unable, because of the harmonious fusion of exoticism and modernity not find more than perhaps anywhere else. Independently you can go to Japan to admire the cherry blossoms, one of the master of martial arts, or hone your skills in the best fan-parks at ski resorts.

entry formalities

Get a visa to the Land of the Rising Sun can be,Only with the support of the host country. This can be a private person, and tourist company. That host first sends the necessary documents to the applicant, with whom he, putting his portion, is sent to the consulate. The visa fee is not available, have to pay only the transfer of documents.
Direct flights to Tokyo run by Russian and Japanese carriers.

Yen and spending

The official currency - the Japanese yen. Going alone to Japan, buy the currency of the Yen is already in Russia - the course is more favorable than in the country of the rising sun. Dollars to convert in yen rather than euros, and credit cards are accepted everywhere, except for the small cafes and shops.
Prices for food in Japan depend on the status of the restaurant, the quality of cooking them is not very different:

  • If the lack of service the traveler is not a hindrance, you can have lunch or dinner in a belt sushi bar, where a pair of rolls will cost 100 yen.
  • Serve rice with seafood in a cafe will cost from 500 to 700 yen, pizza - from 800 to 1200, and for a bowl of soup with shrimps will have to pay 400-600 yen.
  • Express bus or train to Tokyo fromthe airport will cost in 1000-3000 yen, depending on their type and comfort, and travel for a whole day on the subway will cost from 100 to 1200 yen in different cities.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and attractions are from 1000 to 4000 yen depending on the location and status of the object (the approximate price listed on August 2015).

Valuable observations

  • Taxis in Japan is very expensive, and the prices are increased by a third during the night.
  • Going to Japan alone, pleaseattention on the nightly long-distance buses. They are very comfortable and, despite not being too cheap tickets, a bus can save on hotel and will allow the traveler to relax in the nice way.


  • Alone in Japan
  • Alone in Japan

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